Thursday, September 11, 2014


Oh. My. Goodness!  

It has been months since I last updated and so much has happened!  Baby A was born in June and a ton of things happened over the summer that I hope to sit down and blog about soon. 

It's been crazy, hectic and a ton of fun with two sweet kiddos in the house now.  And as much as I LOOOOVE these two, I do enjoy have a bit of free time to get some scrapbooking in.  A couple weekends ago Peanut's grandma let her spend the night and Baby A went down around 8 pm.  So I told the hubs that I was taking some "ME" time and heading to my under utilized scrapbook room. 

I plopped in a movie, snuggled under my Hogwarts blanket and got to work.  I was rusty so I only accomplished 3 layouts in the time it took me to watch Catching Fire but they are ones I really like so I'm okay with that.  I'm now officially into home photos of Peanut's scrapbook.  Meaning I'm about 2 days into her life.  Which is crazy because I've already done like 20 pages for her book!  I guess you can call me picture happy.  

Here are the latest layouts  I hope to do more soon!

Going Home


Some of the details

First Car Ride

Welcome Home

Some of the details

Fingers crossed I'll get some me time here soon to make more progress! I'm about 2 yrs, 6 months behind on Peanut's book and I haven't even started Baby A's - he's now 3 months!