Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easter eggs, bunnies, and candy! Oh my!

Happy May!  I can't believe we are approaching the last month of this pregnancy before little dude arrives. Peanut is enjoying her last few weeks as an only child and we are doing our best to make her feel as special as possible.  April was jam packed with fun things for Peanut to do - almost every weekend was booked solid. We had two Easter egg hunts, a wedding, birthday parties and a visit from the Easter bunny. 

In late March I took Peanut to JC Penny for her Easter pictures and for the first time ever we had multiple shots to choose from!  On the way to the mall all she kept asking was to have her pictures taken.  She followed all of the directions from the photographer and didn't cry once when I stepped away from her. In fact, there were no tears at all.  Just silly cheese smiles and crazy laughs.  It also helped that she fell in love with the little bunny rabbit prop they let her hold. She didn't want to give it back once we were finished!

I am so in love with this face! 

The first Easter egg hunt we went on was hosted by our neighborhood HOA.  It was a real scramble to try and get Peanut there before it started.  She had spent the night with her grandparents the night before and they hit traffic on the way back down to our house.  Luckily others were running a bit behind so it didn't start until about 2 minutes after she arrived.  They had a special section for kids three and under and Peanut was the pro egg finder out of that group.  She went left while all of the other kids went right and ended up filling her basket quickly and had the most eggs out of everyone. She would see an egg, yell "there's one!" and then drag her basket, which was bigger than her, to go pick it up.  She thought it was the best thing ever. Especially since she got to enjoy a yummy cupcake after the hunt was over!

The second hunt was sponsored by the church that Peanut's grandparents attend.  We participated the previous year and decided to go again.  Both of Peanut's cousins also were able to join us this year and they had a blast playing together on the playground and then hunting down eggs. Once again Peanut was the pro finder of the group and the only one to really seem to understand the purpose: find eggs and put them in basket.  The cousins liked finding the eggs but they then proceeded to throw them away.  It was quite hilarious to watch Peanut on a finding mission while they just chuck them as far as they could. 

The next morning Peanut was very excited to see that the Easter Bunny visited and left her a special basket! She came down in her fancy Easter dress and ran over to her basket to see all the goodies. I love seeing her cute little face light up with that precious smile. 

May will be filled with weekend visits to MeMe and PaPa's house, checking out the dinosaur exhibit, her cousin's 2nd birthday party, visiting her cousin in Madison, and preparing for a new little brother!

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