Monday, March 3, 2014

Stories of a 2 year old

Dear Kayleigh,

Every day I wake up and look for the pause button.  Or at least try and find a way to slow life down.  I fail over and over again. I can't believe you are already two years old.  You've only been in our lives for such a short time, but it's honestly hard to remember a time when you weren't here.  You fit so perfectly and easily into our lives it's amazing.  A lot of people say it's hard being a parent.  That having a newborn and raising it is one of the hardest things they've ever done. But for your daddy and I the transition was seamless.  You were meant to be ours

You were SUCH a good baby.  The only issue you had was a small bout of acid reflux that went away shortly after we started you on medication.  And you were off of it in no time. You didn't have colic.  You slept through the night like a champ. And you had no feeding issues. We traveled a lot with you and you took it all in stride.  Adjusting like a pro to any situation we put you in.  You were so easy.  Which is probably why I was such an overly anxious mama.  Every night I had to go in and check on you, sometimes multiple times.  Even to this day, I still go in before bed to look in on you.  I don't think that will EVER change. 

You are growing and learning by leaps and bounds every day. It's so funny to look over and see you "reading" to yourself from your favorite Dr. Seuss books.  You request a different book almost every night.  Whether it be Sneeches, Cat in the Hat or the penguin book. Sometimes you wander off on your own and we find you cuddled up in your rocking chair in your pretty little room, reading aloud to yourself. When you wake up you always greet me with such enthusiasm and shout "Hi Mom!"  After a family nap you love to wake up, put your forehead against mine and say "hi" quietly over and over again, smiling the sweetest smile. 

You love to sing, especially with your daddy.  Your favorite song right now is "Say Something" by A Great Big World.  You know almost all of the words.  At bedtime you love when we sing "Pure Imagination" and often sing yourself to sleep. One of your favorite things to say right now is "One more time" while shaking your index finger. This can refer to anything - another story, wanting daddy to swing you again, or another round of patty cake. You know all the words to ring around the rosy, patty cake, 5 little monkeys and the wheels on the bus, complete with hand movements. 

You can count to 10 by pointing at objects and counting them.  You know a couple of colors and quite a few of your letters. You know shapes (heart, circle, square) and can name everyone of your family members when looking at their photos. "What happened?" and "what's that?" are two of your favorite questions.  Your curiosity and desire to learn is a beautiful thing. 

You consider Teddy to be one of your best friends and love snuggling with him.  He has differing opinions but it's always cute to hear you yell out the front door "Go pee Teddy!" or "Be quiet Teddy!" when he starts barking.  You are opinionated, sassy, sweet, loving and downright irresistible.  I miss you terribly when I'm at work.  And in the evenings your daddy often says he wishes he could wake you up because misses you after you've gone to bed. You bring so much joy to our lives and the lives of others.  Little kids just love you and being around you.  Your buddy Eli cries when his time with you is over. Jameson runs in immediately looking for "Kee Kee" every Wednesday and Thursday.  You are the favorites of so many people. You have replaced me as Pop Pop's favorite girl - and I'm totally okay with that.  You are his little buddy and I love watching you two together. 

You are without a doubt the best thing your daddy and I have done so far. You make me want to be a better person.  To be completely unselfish.  My only concern is your well being and my hopes and dreams lay in your future. You are the best little kid in the world. And I just know you are going to be the best big sister in the world.  Austin will be SO blessed to be loved by you. I love you so much.  

I love you baby girl. 

Happy 2nd birthday.



  1. Oh good job, you made me cry! Kayleigh is everything you said she is and more... and she is so blessed to have a Mommy and Daddy like the two of you. This is so sweet!!! Love all 3 (and a half) of you!

  2. What an awesome letter to your little one! She is an amazing and exceptional little girl. I am happy to see how much she has grown in these last 2 years! Love you all! *hugs*