Monday, March 24, 2014

A little at a time...

I have slowly but surely been making progress on Peanut's scrapbook.  And I really should stress slowly.  I've currently done about 10 layouts but I still haven't even gotten out of the hospital photos. My next batch are the photos of her coming home and then moving into random layouts.  I have SO many ideas (thanks Pinterest!) and I plan to print out different sized photos for the first time, like 6x12.  But I want to get through the 30 or so layouts I already have printed and ready to scrap before I start moving into ordering more pics.  Here are the latest layouts from her book!

This is seconds after she was born and her daddy is "cutting" her cord. 

We brought scrapbook paper to have her feet printed onto.  I can't believe how little her feet were!

One of the benefits to having your mom as the RN for Labor and Delivery and practically delivering your child is you get to do things that other parents don't.  Daddy got to give Peanut her first bath. 

This is after she was cleaned up, wrapped up and handed over to me. Everyone came in to meet her including my dad who was waiting very impatiently to see his first grand baby!

I hope to do more this weekend. I have another finished layout but it wasn't my favorite so I didn't post it.  I also have one that is halfway done.  So I'll finish that up and then start on the coming home photos next.  It is so crazy looking back at these pictures from two years ago.  It still feels like just yesterday I was having contractions and driving to the hospital, anxious to meet our sweet little one! 

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