Friday, January 31, 2014

Quick Yearly Recap

So the word quick is relative.  Because I'm going to basically sum up an entire year of updates in one blog post. The last update I gave was when Peanut turned 13 months. I never blogged about her birthday party, turning 1, any of her milestones as the year progressed or the fun things we did as a family in 2013.  So I'm going to give some highlights to catch this blog up to where we are today. WARNING: Post seems long but it's mostly pictures!

Peanut turned 1 in March and we celebrated with a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party with all of our family and friends. I hand made a majority of the decorations and banners so I was very proud of that accomplishment and the fact that I was able to do it all in time for the party. Peanut had two different 1 year photo shoots - one with a smash cake and one with her Minnie Mouse theme. 

Decorations.  I made the pom poms. 
Celebrate birthday banner that I made. 
Happy birthday banner I made.
Minnie Mouse cake I made.  You can see the Minnie Mouse cookies in the background.  I had a hard time finding the right coloring for her face so I wasn't 100% please with how she turned out. 
With her MeMe wearing her custom birthday outfit. 

After celebrating the big first birthday time flew by.  We celebrated Easter and then prepared for summer. We sold our home and moved in with the hub's parents.  Also living there were his sister, brother in law and their son who is 3 months younger than Peanut. Needless to say it was a packed house.  It was great saving money but we were looking forward to owning our own home again.  So we signed a contract to build our a brand new house. Summer was spent watching the house be built and lots of afternoon play time with the water table. 

 We spent a week at a beach house on Anna Maria Island in Florida. It was bliss. We went to the beach, the pier, shopping and to the zoo in Tampa. Which was hands down the best zoo I've ever been to.  

Playing in the splash park at the zoo.

Beach week ended with a trip to Orlando where we spent at day at Universal Orlando and a day at Magic Kingdom. For some reason I didn't take a ton of photos there. I'll have to remedy that the next time we visit! After beach week we settled in to prepare for fall. We took a quick weekend trip to Topsail Island in North Carolina over Labor Day weekend and visited with my favorite Smeek Dani!  LABOR DAY FOREVAAA!

We then took a trip to St Louis later in September and MeMe and PopPop came up for a visit to the pumpkin patch in October. 

At the end of October Peanut and her cousin went trick or treating together as Mario and the Princess.  They were freaking adorable!

November brought Thanksgiving and a short weekend trip to West Virginia to watch Iowa State in a football game.  By December our new home was finally ready.  So we packed the things we brought to the in-laws and moved in!

The year ended with Christmas in our new home and then a cold winter filled with snow. 

Peanut Milestones at 23 months:
  • Speaking in full sentences
  • Can count to ten
  • Singing the words to songs
  • Can identify all farm animals and their sounds
  • Knows all the names of the characters on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Can name and locate all of her body parts
  • Knows and identifies all of her family members
  • Loves bath time
  • Can take off clothing
  • Assists in putting on her clothing
  • Knows too many words for me to even counts.  Words I didn't even know she knew!
She has grown by leaps and bounds over these past 10 months.  I can't believe she turns two in a month. I've started the birthday planning process and think it will be quite a fun theme.  She is also quite excited to welcome her new little brother into the world in June. ;-) 

Moving forward this blog will hopefully keep up with what's been happening around this place.  Including getting our house decorated and moved into fully, bump updates, Peanut's adventures and of course, the welcoming of little Austin!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday - I'm back!

I love blogging.  But I suck at it.  Like seriously.  I had all these things I wanted to blog about and updates about Peanut and plans for posts and then nothing. I fell behind and never had the motivation to get back into it. 

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to one of my good friends who also seems to have the same issue with blogging and she decided to get back into the swing of things in blog land.  This prompted me to do the same.  

What does that mean?  Well I purchased my first domain name! Gone is Mrs Cute and Crafty and in it's place is Perfectly Pamela. Why Perfectly Pamela?  Because everything I plan to blog about is so ME. It's what is perfect in my life at that moment. And I want to use my blog to capture those timeless moments. This is just a temporary look.  Once my Smeeky BFF has free time she agreed to help me re-design this whole space.  Until then this will have to do. 

I have a lot I want to blog about and recaps of the last year to bring this blog up to speed.  But to kick things off I decided to join another Trendy Tot Tuesday to help me get back into the swing of things. 

It has been brutally cold here in Northern Virginia for the past few weeks. Unbearably cold if you ask me.  I am longing for summer with such intensity right now it's not even funny.  This cold weather also brought snow.  I hate snow. Sure, the first five minutes watching Peanut picking up snowflakes and trying to navigate through 6 inches of white stuff is cute.  Then it gets cold.  And wet. And not fun. Luckily she agrees with me and we only have to "play outside" for a short amount of time in this awful coldness. Another lucky?  Her snow outfit is the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

This was the first snow of the season.  Just a dusting.  But enough to freeze up and cause me to worry about falling my ass every time I walked to my car. The second snow was a fluffier snow but there was much more of it.  We had moved into our new home by this time so we thought we'd take advantage of the little hill in the backyard and take Peanut sledding. 

She went down twice and then she was done.  Fine by me - I was freezing and ready to sit by the fire.  Plus it was getting dark so our cheeks were red and fun was no longer the word of the day. I am going to be so excited when this cold weather passes and Spring is in the air. Bring it on!