Wednesday, April 10, 2013

13 Months

Thanks to Sam over at Hooah and Hiccups for giving me this idea. 

For Peanut's first year I had those onesie stickers that I stuck on her shirt and took pictures of her wearing every month.  I missed one month (bad, lazy mommy!) but since I took pictures of her during that time I felt I had plenty to work with. Now I'm not taking specific monthly photos but I try and take pictures of her as much as I can.  So doing one of these every month seems like a great way to document Peanut's growth and milestones as she continues into her second year and beyond. 

It's a bit small due to the shape of my blog so if you need to make it bigger to read it simply click on the photo to enlarge it! After I made this I realized I left a lot of things off that Peanut is now doing at this age, such as:

- Lifting her arms up when you say "arms up" to change her shirt.
- Putting her leg/foot out when you put her pants and socks on to help you. 
- Ripping her socks or hats off just to try putting them right back on again. 
- Pointing to her belly (ok and sometimes her chest) when you say "where's your belly?"
- Waving hi and bye.
- Opening and closing all doors. 
- And my favorite - running away and then dropping to the floor in laughter when we chase you. 

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