Wednesday, April 10, 2013

13 Months

Thanks to Sam over at Hooah and Hiccups for giving me this idea. 

For Peanut's first year I had those onesie stickers that I stuck on her shirt and took pictures of her wearing every month.  I missed one month (bad, lazy mommy!) but since I took pictures of her during that time I felt I had plenty to work with. Now I'm not taking specific monthly photos but I try and take pictures of her as much as I can.  So doing one of these every month seems like a great way to document Peanut's growth and milestones as she continues into her second year and beyond. 

It's a bit small due to the shape of my blog so if you need to make it bigger to read it simply click on the photo to enlarge it! After I made this I realized I left a lot of things off that Peanut is now doing at this age, such as:

- Lifting her arms up when you say "arms up" to change her shirt.
- Putting her leg/foot out when you put her pants and socks on to help you. 
- Ripping her socks or hats off just to try putting them right back on again. 
- Pointing to her belly (ok and sometimes her chest) when you say "where's your belly?"
- Waving hi and bye.
- Opening and closing all doors. 
- And my favorite - running away and then dropping to the floor in laughter when we chase you. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

My husband and I always seem to disagree on what is "cute" or not cute when it comes to dressing Peanut. Honestly my hubby is colorblind so sometimes I wonder if he even realizes whether something is going to match - and in the end, he always asks my opinion on what HE should wear.  But when it comes to dressing our 1 yr old daughter he thinks his way is the best way.  Normally I don't mind - but this year we had a difference on opinion for Peanut's Easter dress. 

I went shopping at Old Navy and found this cute dress (which I only have professional pics of and haven't uploaded yet which is why you get a O.N. stock photo):
I loved the spring colors and the flowers and when paired with a cropped sweater like the one below I thought it would be so cute, especially with her matching pink sandals. 
Well the hubs hated it.  He said it was too plain and wasn't cute enough to be an Easter dress that she would wear to church.  So we ended up at the mall shopping for summer clothes and an Easter dress.  I let him choose the outfit because I didn't want to hear the complaining. Here is what he went with:
Yep - a yellow dress with a matching bonnet hat (the sweater is the same one I originally selected). 
She looked adorable.  You can see more of the dress in her Easter Bunny photo here:
And while I do believe this dress is more Easter and more fitting for church services.  I still like my choice better. :-D On a side note - when looking at back at last year's Easter photos I realized we picked a yellow dress for Peanut then as well.  

Wonder if we'll keep a running theme and have another yellow dress next year!

I am linking up with Trendy Tot Tuesday!