Thursday, March 28, 2013

First Ever Digital Scrapbook Pages

I have so much to blog about - Disney World, Peanut's birthday and birthday party, Easter egg hunts.  But instead I've decided to share my first ever digital scrapbook pages.  About a year ago one of my favorite bloggers posted about a digital scrapbook platform.  I messaged her about it yesterday and she graciously offered me hers (thanks a ton Kelly!)!  So last night I downloaded the software and began playing around with it.  I'm pretty pleased with my first ever digital pages - although I still plan to do 99% of my scrappin the old fashioned way - paper, embellishments and adhesive!

These pictures are from Peanut's birthday photos taken on her actual birthday.  Normally I call my daughter Peanut on my blog but for these layouts I wanted to use her beautiful first name. I love that the paper matches her shirt (in love!) and that the gray bow is similar to the one on her shirt.   

This is a picture from Disney World.  The first characters Peanut met were Chip and Dale and it was HER turn to be love.  She was obsessed with all of these larger than life furry characters.  From their costumes to their big noses and teeth. She wasn't the least bit scared and got upset when our turn was over. I love how sweet this photo is of Peanut trying to hold his hand. 

I downloaded a few free digital scrapbook kits to make these.  I love that there is such a large selection of FREE materials to use. I hope to work on Peanut's birthday photos and Disney World trip one day in the near future but I'm so far behind that I'll just stick with a few, easy, digital pages. :-) 

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  1. These pages are so cute! I love digital scrap booking and you are right, there are so many free downloads out there.

    Thanks for sharing at the Oh What A HAPPY Day party!

    Not Done Growing