Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Birthday Sneak Peeks!

I have been working hard getting everything together for Peanut's 1st birthday party.  Her birthday is in 18 days (holy crap!) and her birthday party is in 24 days.  Which normally would seem like plenty of time but we are heading to Disney World next weekend! So I lose a whole week of prep time.  Knowing this - I signed up for an all day crop and spent 10 hours last Saturday being best buddies with my Cricut machine.  We laughed.  We argued. I called it mean names.  But in the end, it came through for me and I got about 90% of the handmade decorations finished! I made three banners: a Minnie Mouse themed birthday banner, a "CELEBRATE" pennant banner, and a 12 month photo banner.  Each square has a photo of each  month of her first year. I just ordered the missing photos today thanks to Snapfish's 50% off everything sale (along with a few other goodies) so I will be able to finish up all of the banners next week. 

My most favorite thing I made were 12x12 Minnie Mouse heads to use around the house as decorations. This was the first time I used my Cricut properly and cut out the layers of my shapes and Oh My Goodness - these are the cutest things I've ever seen.  Here is the first sneak peek:

 I also am working on a birthday wreath using tulle and ribbon.  The good thing about this wreath is that it will be re-usable year after year.  The wreath itself has Peanut's name on it and the word "Is."  Then every year we switch out the number which hangs from the center of the wreath.  This year it will say "Peanut Is 1."  The colors came out amazing but there is one thing I know for sure. I will NEVER buy glitter tulle again.  That stuff was seriously everywhere. I am still sweeping it off of my floor, off of the couch, off of Peanut's play mat. 

It's hard to see in this photo but the hot pink tulle is glitter.  When I unrolled it to measure and cut it my hands and pants were immediately covered with glitter.  When I stood up a wave of glitter fell off my pants and shirt and ended up on the floor, stuck to my feet, and then tracked into the kitchen to grab the broom.  The hubs demanded I take the wreath off the couch when I finished tying the tulle and stick in it a plastic bag to minimize the glitter. 

Here is the sneak peek I shared on Facebook for the wreath:
I still have to add the ribbon accents and paint the letters and number white. Once they are dry I will hot glue them onto the wreath and it will be all finished!  The last project I have that I'm personally making are the flowers and Minnie Mouse centerpieces.  So I have to spray paint my Minnie heads, assemble them, tie and add her bow, arrange the flower bouquets and place into a vase. Once I finish that I have to hot glue all of the cupcake toppers onto toothpicks.  Everything else will be items I purchase (streamers, balloons). I'm really excited for how all of this is coming together.  The banners are amazing and I am so excited to celebrate Peanut's first birthday with all of our family and friends! More sneak peeks are coming soon so stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Whoops! Here I am!

Well I kind of fell off the blogging radar - things have been moving quickly this past month.  We are approaching our Disney World vacation and it is all we can talk about in our house. We received our information/travel packets in the mail and I've already started packing Peanut's outfits! Her birthday is in 25 days and she will be a year old. I finalized her invitations and started sending them out. They are super cute. This weekend I am attending an all day scrapbooking crop with my friend Dani over at Creative Spoonful. I have a long list of projects to take care - including all of the decorations for her party. 

Quick run down of all the fun things that have been going on:

Peanut went to her first birthday party and had her very own cupcake.  And then proceeded to wipe her face all over daddy's white jacket. 

We visited Gramma and Pop Pop in Smithfield and took a fun trip to the Children's Museum. Kayleigh was still too small for most of the activities but the hubs appeared to have a great time. 

I posted my third Design Team post for Scrapdoodles which you can read more about here. Below is a couple of photos of my project and layout that I shared. 

This month Peanut celebrates her first Valentine's day, takes a trip to Disney World, and prepares for her birthday party.  Busy, busy month! I can't wait to share all the photos from our trip and her birthday party!