Thursday, December 27, 2012

Photo Favorites

Well Christmas has come and gone. As always - now that Peanut is here things seem to be moving by entirely too quickly for my liking. We spent Christmas Eve with my husband's family and Christmas day with my family.  The kid made out like a bandit. I have never seen so many toys and clothes. Peanut had a great time with her cousin Bubba and will get to spend quite a bit of time with him next week as well.   The two of them together...well its just too cute.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from the Christmas season. 

All of the cousins went to meet Santa.  Once again, Peanut was IN love with Santa.  Just look at the smile!

This kid got so many presents, yet she was still more interested in the remotes and DVR. 

Smiling pretty with her Gramma. 

My kid is like, seriously the cutest little thing ever. 
Looking at daddy as he beat on the tin of cookies.

She stole her uncle's Mickey Christmas hat and thought it was the funniest thing ever. 

For Christmas she got a piano with a microphone attached.  We would sing into the microphone then put it up to her mouth and she would sing into it as well. Once I get this on video I will be sure to share!
The Christmas greeting we sent out! 

We officially have no room in our house anymore.  We have to move just so Peanut can have her own playroom.  It is kind of out of control.  Piles and piles of toys, books and clothes sit on the floor of our living room and kitchen.  And wouldn't you know it - after opening all her toys she had more interest in the empty boxes. 

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  1. Cute photos! I understand the overwhelming feeling of "no room" after Christmas is over. We were able to finally finish our girls toy room in the basement.