Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tiny Tales of Teething Terrors

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, called Virginia, a tiny baby awoke from her little crib crying. 

Her mommy ran in and asked "My darling, why are you crying?"

Tiny baby, unable to vocalize her pain, cried and cried, until mommy picked her up and cuddled her closely. Mommy realized that tiny baby was burning up and was covered in drool. When mommy tried to gently touch her gums, tiny baby immediately pulled away. Mommy immediately understood that tiny baby was cutting teeth which caused her poor gums to be swollen and tender. Even a teething ring, fresh from the refrigerator, didn't soothe tiny baby's cries. 

Mommy tried giving tiny baby a cool bottle but she had no appetite. Her fever was making her very sleepy and she decided she would rather sleep than eat. Poor mommy struggled for four days trying to comfort her tiny baby as she tried to grow and cut teeth. Then finally, the little teeth broke through her gums and every one lived happily ever after. 


Oh I wish!  Little Peanut has been trying to cut teeth for the last five days.  And the poor thing is having such a hard time this go round!  No appetite, swollen gums, mild fever, and very sleepy. You can see that one of her teeth is very close to cutting through but it just hasn't yet. She's been very clingy and the poor thing won't play with her toys unless mommy or daddy is close by. I know for a fact when she cut her bottom two teeth it wasn't nearly this bad.  Sure, she had some sleep issues and was unusually fussy, but she never lost her appetite and she wasn't so sleepy. I can only assume that cutting top teeth is more work than cutting bottom ones? On Saturday she actually took a two and a half hour nap in her crib all by herself.  It was like she would rather sleep than play. And Little Miss NEVER naps in her crib so I was shocked at 1) how easily she went to sleep, and 2) how long she stayed asleep. 

I am really hoping these top teeth break through soon so she can have some relief.  It makes me feel horrible to know there is nothing I can really do to help her! Either way, I am hoping she feels better before we head down to visit her grandparents for Thanksgiving tomorrow! Otherwise this weekend will not be happily ever after for any of us!


  1. poor thing, hope her teeth come in fast!

  2. I am dealing with a teething 16 month old as well. No nap today thanks to teething. Have you tried teething tablets?? I use them.