Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holy 8 Months Batman!

My little Peanut is 8 months old. Where is the time going?

And for the first time during her monthly photo shoot I had to call in reinforcements. 

That little bugger is always on the move!  I thought because she had just woken up from a nap and had a nice, big bottle that she'd be in a great mood. HA! Silly me.  I guess because I was forcing her to stay in her chair she decided to pay me back with no smiles.  But I still got some cute pictures anyway. 

When we began her shoot I put her into her princess chair and gave her Pumba. That lasted for about 0.2 seconds. She was immediately standing up in her chair with her back to me.  And when she would sit down, she'd fall ass backwards onto my lap (baby girl doesn't quite grasp that the chair isn't as wide as she'd like it to be). So I'd stick her back into her chair. And she'd get right back out. Finally I called for help. The hubs came upstairs and tried to distract her and keep her in her chair while I quickly shot some pictures. Eventually I just gave up on the chair and let her crawl where ever she pleased. I'm already learning to "pick my battles."

And naturally, the next day, after having only one nap in the morning, she is all smiles and giggles and screams (she's into screaming now) in the evening. Le Sigh.

Her milestones as of 8 months:
- Crawling

- Pulling up to standing
- Furniture cruising
- Solids, solids, and more solids. She's branched out to puffs, pancakes, pasta, small pieces of different meats, tons of different veggies, and cereals. 
- Opening and closing doors
- Officially eating food in high chair and having dinner with mommy and daddy (we usually wait to make dinner until she's in bed)
- Sleeping through the night - still up at 6 AM on the dot every morning but she's been an all night sleeper for MONTHS now with a few random hiccups. 

Her hates as of 8 months:
- Clothes - she likes being "Naked Baby!"
- Hats
- Headbands
- Her car seat

Here are a few of her 8 month photos!

Here is how the photo shoot ended...


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