Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sweet Relief and Thanksgiving Day Fun!

There is a happy ending to Peanut's tiny teething terrors!  Her tooth finally cut through and she is back to normal.  I couldn't be more relieved and I am sure she is happy to have a break from the swollen gums. Little Miss now has three teeth - two on the bottom and one on the top.  I know we'll be in for more teething fun over the next few weeks as we wait for the next 3 top teethers to pop in. But until then we'll enjoy this moment of sweet relief, even if its short lived. 

Luckily for us Peanut's tooth came through the first day we were at my parent's for Thanksgiving. This year was the first time I cooked the turkey.  I had my recipe, basted every 30 minutes for 4 hours and I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful my first turkey came out! We had way too much food but we had a great day spending time with family and stuffing ourselves silly.  Here are a few photos from the day:

Peanut with her Uncle B. 

Uncle B and T

My favorite photo from the day!

I don't know why but I love this picture. Probably the way Peanut is looking at Gramma. 

This was the best photo of the three of us.  SIGH.
Uncle B and Gramma with Peanut

Family photo

My turkey!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving and are getting ready for the upcoming holidays!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tiny Tales of Teething Terrors

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, called Virginia, a tiny baby awoke from her little crib crying. 

Her mommy ran in and asked "My darling, why are you crying?"

Tiny baby, unable to vocalize her pain, cried and cried, until mommy picked her up and cuddled her closely. Mommy realized that tiny baby was burning up and was covered in drool. When mommy tried to gently touch her gums, tiny baby immediately pulled away. Mommy immediately understood that tiny baby was cutting teeth which caused her poor gums to be swollen and tender. Even a teething ring, fresh from the refrigerator, didn't soothe tiny baby's cries. 

Mommy tried giving tiny baby a cool bottle but she had no appetite. Her fever was making her very sleepy and she decided she would rather sleep than eat. Poor mommy struggled for four days trying to comfort her tiny baby as she tried to grow and cut teeth. Then finally, the little teeth broke through her gums and every one lived happily ever after. 


Oh I wish!  Little Peanut has been trying to cut teeth for the last five days.  And the poor thing is having such a hard time this go round!  No appetite, swollen gums, mild fever, and very sleepy. You can see that one of her teeth is very close to cutting through but it just hasn't yet. She's been very clingy and the poor thing won't play with her toys unless mommy or daddy is close by. I know for a fact when she cut her bottom two teeth it wasn't nearly this bad.  Sure, she had some sleep issues and was unusually fussy, but she never lost her appetite and she wasn't so sleepy. I can only assume that cutting top teeth is more work than cutting bottom ones? On Saturday she actually took a two and a half hour nap in her crib all by herself.  It was like she would rather sleep than play. And Little Miss NEVER naps in her crib so I was shocked at 1) how easily she went to sleep, and 2) how long she stayed asleep. 

I am really hoping these top teeth break through soon so she can have some relief.  It makes me feel horrible to know there is nothing I can really do to help her! Either way, I am hoping she feels better before we head down to visit her grandparents for Thanksgiving tomorrow! Otherwise this weekend will not be happily ever after for any of us!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Finally the Crafty to my name!

I have been a crafting MACHINE (thank you Pinterest!)

I've had the "Cute" part to my blog name down for a while - in fact I think my blog is in cute overload thanks to Peanut.  The most I've done crafty wise have been scrapbook layouts which I've failed to blog about (not counting my Scrapdoodles Design Team post). But these last few days I have been in craft land overload. 

In October I decided to make a headband for Kayleigh. 

The entire headband is handmade. The flowers I rolled from fabric, sewed two buttons together, and then assembled them all onto a piece of stretchy elastic. And I'm in love with it! A Christmas headband is next on the DIY headband list!

Then I got it in my head that I wanted to make Peanut a tutu. So off I went to Joanns and picked out two different color schemes.  Purple and cream, and a mix of blue, dark blue and silver.  The first tutu I made I used a crochet headband for the waistband.  [Note to self - next time I make a tutu buy the tulle from a roll and not by the yard! It makes it so much easier to measure and cut!] It took a while to get everything ready but once I was finished I loved the final product!

I haven't started the other tutu yet, but that one will be made using a piece of elastic and I plan to make it re-sizeable so she can grow with it. When I finished this tutu the hubs said "this is my favorite thing you've made so far. Peanut can wear it when she starts dance!"  At least he's finally excited about SOMETHING I've made...that's all I can hope for. As to the dance classes - she has another year before we think about those. 

Next up I decided I wanted to learn to cross stitch.  The mother in law made stockings for all of her kids/family for Christmas with their names on them and I love them! I decided I wanted to do that for our family as well. But starting with a stocking was a tall task so I started small and made an ornament first.  If you look at the back you will be able to tell that I obviously did something wrong when stitching.  But luckily the back is covered so all that matters is how awesome the front looks! For something that seemed so easy, this took me a while to get into the grove of making. 

Of course I had to choose the penguin template. I need more practice so I might buy another Christmas one to make and save the stockings for next year.  This year Kayleigh got a Tinkerbell stocking from Target. 

And I wasn't done with the crafting!  I love Pinterest. I mean, I am obsessed (so says a billion other people in the world). And I love looking for crafts, especially for the home.  When I saw a pin for a yarn wreath that can really be made and customized in a ton of ways I decided to give it a try!  I spent over an hour in Michaels trying to decide how I wanted it to look, what color yarn to use, what decorations to add, etc. I finally decided on a three colored wreath that had the giftee's last name on it with a special Christmas bear sitting on the inside.  I think I spent too much time trying to wrap it perfectly, because when I went back to look at the pins I realized they were just wrapped up tightly and not perfectly.  Oh well - I love how mine turned out! (Ignore the picture quality - I took these on my phone)

My final project, which I haven't made yet - and this is also a Pinterest find - I am making plates of Peanut's feet. I think these kinds of keepsakes are priceless.  Her feet will NEVER be this size again, and I want to cherish all of her moments.  So I am making a Halloween plate and a Christmas plate of her feet.  I'll post photos once I've finished them. :-D

So - what do you think? Am I finally living up to my crafty name?  I have some crafts planned as gifts this year but that is all dependent on people sending me the photos I need to complete it.  And of course, I found the idea on Pinterest (for the win!). 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holy 8 Months Batman!

My little Peanut is 8 months old. Where is the time going?

And for the first time during her monthly photo shoot I had to call in reinforcements. 

That little bugger is always on the move!  I thought because she had just woken up from a nap and had a nice, big bottle that she'd be in a great mood. HA! Silly me.  I guess because I was forcing her to stay in her chair she decided to pay me back with no smiles.  But I still got some cute pictures anyway. 

When we began her shoot I put her into her princess chair and gave her Pumba. That lasted for about 0.2 seconds. She was immediately standing up in her chair with her back to me.  And when she would sit down, she'd fall ass backwards onto my lap (baby girl doesn't quite grasp that the chair isn't as wide as she'd like it to be). So I'd stick her back into her chair. And she'd get right back out. Finally I called for help. The hubs came upstairs and tried to distract her and keep her in her chair while I quickly shot some pictures. Eventually I just gave up on the chair and let her crawl where ever she pleased. I'm already learning to "pick my battles."

And naturally, the next day, after having only one nap in the morning, she is all smiles and giggles and screams (she's into screaming now) in the evening. Le Sigh.

Her milestones as of 8 months:
- Crawling

- Pulling up to standing
- Furniture cruising
- Solids, solids, and more solids. She's branched out to puffs, pancakes, pasta, small pieces of different meats, tons of different veggies, and cereals. 
- Opening and closing doors
- Officially eating food in high chair and having dinner with mommy and daddy (we usually wait to make dinner until she's in bed)
- Sleeping through the night - still up at 6 AM on the dot every morning but she's been an all night sleeper for MONTHS now with a few random hiccups. 

Her hates as of 8 months:
- Clothes - she likes being "Naked Baby!"
- Hats
- Headbands
- Her car seat

Here are a few of her 8 month photos!

Here is how the photo shoot ended...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why don't babies have snooze buttons?

I asked myself this when Peanut woke up at 12:45 this morning.  And then again when she woke back up at 4:30. 

I've often bragged to my friends, family, neighbor, fellow mothers, and anyone else that would listen (or pretend to listen) that Peanut is an amazing sleeper.  As a matter of fact, my kid has slept through the night for many months now. We've always had random nights where she'll wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to put herself back to sleep.  But for the most part, she's a sleeping machine. 

Until recently. Originally I suspected it was because she was teething.  A few months ago her sleep patterns were thrown all out of whack (as in wiggity whack) when she cut her first two teeth. But that only lasted for about 2 days.  Over the last two weeks it has been hit or miss whether she is going to sleep through the night, have a full on bitch fit when we put her in the crib, or wake up hours after going down. I swore up and down last week that her top teeth must be coming in. So I waited, and I checked, and I waited some more. But there was nothing. Nada. Zilch. Just a pile of gums. Again this week she's seemed to have more issues staying asleep. Sunday and Monday - home girl would not go to bed until after 10 pm unless we were holding her.  I love a good snuggle as much as the next Mama but that girl is a freaking heating blanket and no one likes to wake up with a huge sweat spot from their babies soaked head on their chest. Then she slept like that perfect little angel I tell everyone she is for two nights in a row. So I blamed it on Day Light Savings, saying it threw off her awesome sleep schedule. 

Then this morning rolled around.  She woke up at 12:45.  I looked at the monitor thinking "maybe if I pretend not to hear her she'll go back to sleep."  But when I turned on the video monitor she was standing up in her crib, waving her arms around, and hollering.  Okay, her hands were holding on to the rails but she might as well have been with the way she was crying.  So, I begrudgingly quickly went into her room to rescue her from whatever was causing her distress. I sat with her for about 20 seconds in her rocking chair and then had second thoughts.  This mama had to be up in the morning to go to work so kiddo was coming back to bed with me. And wouldn't you know it, two minutes later, after snuggling up into my side and using my arm as a pillow, the kid was out. And she stayed asleep. Until 4:30. And that's when she decided she had enough of this sleep thing and wanted to get up. So downstairs I went with a fully awake, completely thrilled with herself baby.  A baby btw, that even after I gave her a bottle and put her in her bouncy seat decided to make AS MUCH NOISE AS A JET PLANE just to ensure I stayed awake. 

The moral of this story? 

I don't have one.  But maybe when I get more than 5 hours of sleep I'll let you know. 

She get it from her...Mama?

Or maybe her daddy.  Either way, my kid has a temper. And at 8 months old I know it's not even close to having hit its peak. 

Top 10 list of things that make Kayleigh mad:

1. Nap time
2. Car rides
3. Refusing to give her the car keys. And if you make that mistake, taking the car keys away from her
4. Bumbo seats
5. Cribs
6. Removing things she just stuck into her mouth
7. Pictures
8. Hats
9. Slowness on the bottle hand off
10. Diaper changes

I've seen temper tantrums with all of the above. And I can't wait until words get added on to the screaming, kicking of the legs, and pushing. Yep, she is already shoving and kicking. Now don't let this list make you think I have a difficult kid. In fact, she's quite a sweetheart and usually perfect.  I'd be lying though if I said she doesn't have her moments.  Unfortunately for Peanut, she's got a perfect storm of genes from her daddy and mommy. These genes include the ability to be an ass.  The ability to be stubborn and hard headed.  The genes that refuse to listen. The genes with a very short temper. Oh and of course, the genes that want what they want, when they want it.  And poor baby girl has them all. 

I tell her "NO!" She just looks at me and continues doing what I told her not to do.  I put her in her car seat or try and put her down for a nap and cue the fits. I put a hat on her head to keep her warm when we go out side and that thing is on the ground and being stomped on before you can say Oh toodles. And when you keep trying to put it back onto her head she forcefully tries to push you away. 

I had no idea that her personality would shine through so quickly. I seriously thought I had until she was 2 before I'd have to deal with the temper tantrums,the "I'm not your friend mommy" and a slew of other angry toddler come backs. But nope, I was wrong.  

Thankfully a majority of the day she is the sweetest little baby.  Her grandma often says she is a "Doll baby." Perfectly sweet, funny, charming, cute, and giggly.  But the moment you try and make her do something she doesn't want to do. Dun Dun Dun. 

I left her playing in her room for, oh 2 minutes, while I went downstairs to make her a bottle, and when I came back upstairs her door was closed. I said to myself, "Self, wasn't this door open when I left?"  So I went to open the door and Kayleigh immediately shut it again. She's not supposed to start shutting me out of her room until she's like, a teenager or something?!  Granted - she's at that age where she likes doors that open and close, so she didn't do it with the ill intent of locking me out.  But it gave me a premonition of our future together.  And flashbacks of when I was a teenager. And it made me want to curl up in a ball and scream for mercy.  

Mom - I'm sorry.  You were right. You told me during one of my teenage bitch fests that one day I'll realize what it's like to be on the receiving end.  Boy, karma is a bitch. 

But in all seriousness...how could you NOT love this kid? This kid btw, is one I think is a genius. Or just really advanced for her age. But that's for another post...

Daddy said "Kayleigh open up and say Ahh." She she promptly opened wide and said AHHHHH!

That precious face and those pretty eyes. She can get away with anything. 

And then there are those moments when your heart totally melts. My heart is pretty much a puddle of love all the time. I can't get enough of this adorable kid.  Temper and all.