Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Movin and Shakin - 7 Months

Kayleigh has been growing by leaps and bounds this past month and I almost can't keep up! She's learned how to pull herself up to standing if she has something to hold on to (like her crib or princess chair) although she still is a bit shaky.  We took her 7 month photos and it was the toughest yet! That little booger refused to stay in her chair for longer than 10 seconds.  She was scooting down out of it, trying to climb over the edge, and climbing to her knees.  Once she got herself out of the chair she turned her back to me and spent the rest of the shoot trying to stand up.  I maybe got 20 good photos out of the 50+ I took. Here are a few:

As you can see from the progression of photos, she went from smiling pretty to chewing and climbing all of her chair.  She is ALMOST crawling.  She has the idea down and can get to her hands and knees but she hasn't quite figured out how to move. Instead she rolls herself down onto the ground and rolls across the room to get her treasure. It wouldn't surprise me though if she skips the crawling all together. This weekend we are headed to the pumpkin patch and I have the cutest outfit and headband picked out for her to wear.  The headband was hand made by me and I can't wait to get photos of her wearing it! It should be a wonderful, child-filled day with some of my favorite people!

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