Sunday, October 21, 2012

Holy Flashback!

This past weekend my parents came up to visit and spend time with Kayleigh. We went to the zoo and while we were there I was taking pictures with their camera and started going through the photos on their memory card.  And I stumbled upon photos from their visit back in June and I couldn't believe how tiny Kayleigh was just 5 months ago!  Take a peek at this:

A few more photos from their visit in June:

I had forgotten how tiny she was.  That outfit is a size 0-3. Now she's swimming in 6-9 but it just shows how much she's grown in the last few months. I miss the days of her falling asleep on our shoulder.  So when she fell asleep on my shoulder tonight I was in Heaven!

And now a few from their visit this past weekend!

Kayleigh had an amazing time with her grandparent's this weekend. The weather for the zoo was perfect and almost all of the animals were outside.  The tiger and lion were roaring, the gorillas were gross yet funny (one started peeing and stuck his hand in the stream! ugh), and we saw some pretty cool animals overall. My parents really enjoyed seeing Kayleigh and they wore her out! She was in bed before 6 pm tonight! 

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