Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Through The Years!

As I was looking through my list of blogs I follow I noticed a ton of people are posting Halloween pictures and recaps from previous years. And I won't lie - I wanted to join in on the fun and go back over some of my favorite Halloween costumes from the past. 

This is the oldest picture I could dig up...I was a super blonde bunny. How freaking cute!

This one was from Sophomore year in college. I didn't own a digital camera back then so it is one of the few I could find. I wasn't into the sexy/scantily clad costumes yet...

I  found this classic on MySpace (yes I still have an account there and I somehow still have 101 friends). I was a fly girl from that show In Living Color and my bestie was a Playboy Bunny. 

This one cracks me up every time I see it. I was a fairy (sans wings in this photo) and the bestie was a "Suga Mama" with red hot nips. HA!

That same Halloween we classed it up and went as Gangstas. We got these costumes for like 2 bucks at the Thrift store and they were a hit at Auld Shebeen. 

Pirate! The skirt was made by my other bestie for our Hallween party at the townhouse. 

Same costume only I was lazy the next night and only wore half of it. Sally on the other hand looked awesome as Flava Flavvvv! Sally and I have spent quite a few Halloweens together as you will see in the upcoming photos. 

This costume was again hand made by my bestie/roommate. I was - ugh having a total brain fart and can't remember the name of the movie this was from!
This is probably the costume with the LEAST amount of fabric that I ever I wish I was skinny again. 

One of my last costumes was as the Mad Hatter. There was an Alice to my Hatter. Tons of fun. 
Sally again!
This was Andrew's year to be a Playboy Bunny.

The last thing I dressed up as before I got pregnant was for my friends Harry Potter Halloween party. I went as Bellatrix Lestrange and the hubby was Voldemort. He went all out - even purchased the authentic wand and everything!

This year - we aren't dressing up as anything.  But we dressed up K as this:

And we are taking her to her first Halloween party...I'm trying to decide if we want to trick or treat to a few houses or wait until next year when she can walk up to the doors herself. Either way - Halloween over the years has been a blast and I can't wait to celebrate many more with the peanut!


  1. I loved looking at your Halloween photos! I had our first daughter at barley 18 right out of high school, so I wasn't able to experience that! Cute elephant! Following back.

  2. Oh my goodness. If that isn't the cutest little elephant!! I think once you have kids, the dressing up gets transferred to them :)

    Thank you for stopping by and following, and for your kind comment! Our power was restored thankfully, but we still need to keep our thoughts and prayers with those along the coast in NJ/NY.

    New follower :)