Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pinterest Much?

Kayleigh's first birthday is still 6 months away, but I have already begun planning her birthday party (which will actually take place a week after her real birthday because we will just be getting home from Disney World). I know Kayleigh will probably be on Disney overload by the time we get back or she'll be so obsessed that she'll simply fall in love with her birthday theme.  Which btw is Minnie Mouse. I was trying to decide if I want to do the traditional red and white Minnie or if I want to go with the Minnie that Kayleigh will recognize, the pink and white Minnie.  SIDE NOTE - I will be interested to see if the Minnie Mouse we meet at Disney is still the original or if she has been updated.  But I digress.  

Anyway, back to the planning of Kayleigh's birthday.  Enter Pinterest. I have found SO many cute ideas for her birthday and I can't wait to start on them. For example (side note, none of these are my pics, they are all from Pinterest users):

I am going to make her birthday banner using my Cricut
LOVE the centerpieces and they are so easy to make!
Found a site to make our own Minnie Mouse ears!
Love the candy and balloon idea!
Pretty sure this is what our house will end up looking like!
And finally - I am IN LOVE with this cake. If I can find an affordable person to make this for me then I so will!

So those are some of my decorating ideas. Also add in a smash cake that I plan to make, cookies as take away favors, and a super cute Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday onesie and it looks like I have a lot to do in the new year! I can't wait!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Gummy No More...

For the last month or two we have been pretty certain that Kayleigh was about to cut teeth. Drool everywhere, hands being chewed on, and the constant gnawing on toys led us to believe that her pearly whites were about to make an appearance. We checked every day. But every day we were disappointed to feel smooth little gums. 

Yesterday Kayleigh and I were playing on the floor.  And she was fussy.  In fact, she had been unusually fussy for the last four days.  And her sleeping patterns were WAY off.  And since I'm an avid Google'r and reader, I knew that teething could throw off a baby's normal behaviors and sleeping.  So I stuck my finger into her mouth and rubbed my finger along her bottom gum. And...I felt something (mainly because Kayleigh immediately bit down on my finger after I stuck it in her mouth). So, just because I had to be sure, I stuck my finger in there again. And I still felt it.  I looked up gleefully at Drew and said "I feel a tooth!!"  He looked at me like I was nuts and said "No you don't, I just checked yesterday." And at my insistence, I made him stick his finger in her mouth (that poor kid). Then, because apparently touch wasn't enough, we had to see the tooth. So we pried her mouth open as gently as we could and there they were.  Two tiny, and sharp, teeth poking out of her gums. I immediately ran into the kitchen to get her a cold teething ring from the fridge (a good mama is always prepared) and she happily chomped away on it. Then tried to share it with her dad. Then quickly decided she didn't want to share and stuck it back in her own mouth. 

I was super excited for this milestone. But later that night when I was rocking her back to sleep after her last bottle, a wave of sadness overcame me. My baby girl is growing up SO freaking fast it blows my mind. First it's a sitting up by herself, then growing teeth, and next crawling and walking. I LOVE her being this tiny, this happy to always see me, and so cuddly and sweet. I'll never get her being an infant back but I'm also so excited to watch her grow up.  Being a parent is a double edged sword I tell ya.  One minute you are cheering them on as they learn something new, the next you are sobbing as they move away from home. Hopefully the next 18 years go by pretty slow. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My kid is cuter than your kid photo dump

So maybe I'm biased.  But seriously, how did we get so lucky to have such an amazing, beautiful, funny baby? And one that is pretty smart and advanced in my opinion.  Check her out sitting up ALL BY HERSELF and she isn't even 6 months old yet. 

Did I mention she learned to roll over before she was 3 months old? Next she'll be crawling and walking and..oh my I'm not even ready to think about it! Check out some other adorably cute pictures of my baby girl:

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beach Bum Babies - Part 2

I can't believe it's almost September! Summer is quickly drawing to a close and my Kayleigh girl will soon be 6 months old. She  is able to sit up by herself now for a few moments and soon I expect she'll be sitting up on her own completely. I'm in awe of her every day. I don't know how I got so lucky. 

Now on to the rest of our beach vacation!

The rest of our trip was filled with:

Climbing to the top of the lighthouse and actually venturing outside!
Cold cokes on a hot day
Cousins taking naps on the beach together
Karaoke nights
And haunted pub crawls!

All in all it was a great trip.  It was great to see all of Drew's family again. I can't wait for next year. We are looking at taking a trip to Florida for beach week. And there will be more babies! 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beach Bum Babies - Part 1

Well our Tybee Island beach trip has come and gone. I don't think I've ever been on a vacation that seemed to go by as quickly as this one did. Even our week in Fiji seemed to last longer. But we had a great time none the less on Kayleigh's first beach trip. So how about a fun photo recap?

We arrived in Hilton Head on Saturday afternoon. About an hour later than our original time.  Our flight was delayed.  Then, as we were ready to board, we were pulled aside with 3 other passengers and told that we may be bumped from our flight. I had a total WTF moment and almost went off. They said we had the possibility of being bumped because our plane was a "propeller" plane and they were expecting to run into turbulence. So the plane could only take a certain amount of weight.  And because we were the last passengers to check in, even though we purchased our tickets MONTHS ago, we were in line to be bumped.  Never mind the fact that we had NO carry on luggage, were toting a 4 month old baby, and the people that were allowed to board all had two bags of luggage EACH.  Needless to say, I was seriously pissed off. But, drama aside, we were able to board the plane that left an hour behind schedule and made it to Hilton Head.   We were promptly picked up by Drew's dad and we made the hour drive into Tybee Island, GA. 

The next day was our first beach day. 
Kayleigh was a bit unsure about all the sun.  But she wore her cute new swimming suit and pink polka dot hat. Every where we went people commented on how cute she looked in her hat. 
Headed down to check out the ocean for the first time.
Family photo by the water!
First dip in the ocean!
It took a few tries, but she finally got used to the warm water splashing up over her legs. 
After lunch she was all tuckered out. Notice her swimming suit bottoms falling off her butt. She is so tiny that even 3-6 sized clothes are too big and she was almost 5 months!

The next day we went into Savannah for a tour around the city. 
On the trolley ride around Savannah

Cruising around City Market in her pink hat
Site seeing with daddy
Kayleigh decided that site seeing was hard work!

Stay tuned for part two to include cousin bonding on the beach, ghost tours and lighthouses!