Thursday, July 19, 2012

What have we been up to?

July has been quite the month! One of the best things about having Kayleigh is:

  1. Getting to experience all of her firsts, especially holidays
  2. Dressing her up in outfits that obnoxiously tell you its her first holiday
Which means obviously I had to dress Kayleigh up for 4th of July this year and take a bunch of pictures. Her grandpa bought her a onesie that said "My First 4th" and I paired that with a super cute headband that had a red, white, and blue flower with a flag on it. Then I posed her on the couch with Mickey Mouse for the obligatory photo shoot! 

Kayleigh is smiling and laughing so much these days but it's always been hard to catch on camera. That is when we employ the fart noises tactic and it gets her smiling every time!

I absolutely love that she has Eeyore's ear in this photo because it is a perfect depiction of her right now.  Grab whatever is closest and try to put it in her mouth. 

And one more smiley for good measure! I can't get enough of that sweet face!

On another picture note - Kayleigh's Great Grandma Turner made her a hand made sweater, hat, booty, and blanket set which would have been perfect since she was born in March. Unfortunately we received the package in late April and it was too hot for Kayleigh to actually wear it outside of the house.  So I staged a photo shoot in our home with the AC on to share with Great Grandma and she loved the photos so much it is now her desktop background (I mean, why else wouldn't it be?!)

I swear this kid could be smiling and giggling up a storm but as soon as she sees the camera her charm turns off. SIGH

Love those chubby cheeks!

My final photo note is about Kayleigh's swimming pool.  We decided that she needed to get used to being in the water and with the weather hitting over 100 degrees every day we thought a baby pool would be a great option (especially since she is still too small for real swimming pools and swim diapers). 

She wasn't so sure about this water thing...

And in the end I think Drew liked it more than she did. But check out that sweet slide and the dragon head that shoots out water! 

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