Monday, January 9, 2012

So much to do, so little time to do it!

Well I officially in my 32nd week of pregnancy and the countdown will start soon! With little Kayleigh girl only 8 weeks away I'm starting to get nervous about making sure we have everything ready by the time she makes her arrival. We still have to paint the wall of her nursery - oh wait, we still have to pick out the paint and buy it! Luckily her two big furniture pieces came put together but Drew still needs to build the crib and we have to wash her bedding. On Thursday we have a sonogram where we get to see Kayleigh again. I was nervous that we wouldn't get to see her again before she got here but thanks to my low PAPP-A (insert sarcasm here) we are due a follow up sono to make sure everything is going well in there. We should get an idea of how much she weighs and an estimate on what she will weigh when she arrives.

This weekend is the first of two baby showers for me and Kayleigh.  This one is in DC and being thrown by one of my best friends and my good friend (and friendly neighbor!). Drew has been over to see the decorations and told me that my neighbor has gone above and beyond. I'm really excited to see it. I didn't get an invitation which means I have no idea the theme or what the plan for the party is. I am just excited to see all my girls and enjoy many laughs I am sure. The weekend following my first baby shower we have our maternity photo shoot. We are trying to find a good place to take photos inside since it will probably be pretty cold outside (well if decides to act like a normal January it will be). The last weekend of January is a baby shower that my mom is throwing down in Smithfield. This one is mostly family and close family friends that all live down in the area.  That theme is going to be a "Princess" themed shower. I will be interested to see how my mom does throwing a baby shower by herself! She's had some great ideas so I am sure it will be wonderful. Lots of exciting things going on this month - I want this week to go by quickly but then everything else can slow down so I can thoroughly enjoy everything. Then when February gets here - well that month can fly by in my opinion!

Drew's mom mentioned that Kayleigh was already sitting pretty low (she has been head down and facing the right direction for a while now). So hopefully this means she is preparing herself and won't be too late! Here is the most recent Kayleigh bump picture at 31 weeks!

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