Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My pregnancy recap

I am almost a full 32 weeks pregnant and I have to say I feel pretty lucky with how things have gone so far. While there have been some scary bumps in the road things have all seemed to work themselves out.

My First Trimester Pregnancy

When I first found out I was pregnant my biggest symptoms were the fact that I was unbelievably tired and irritable. I didn't have morning sickness or overly sore boobs right away.  If it wasn't for being so tired I never would have suspected that I may be preggers. I took a pregnancy test that Friday night in June on a complete whim. I was 99% prepared to be disappointed for the 4 month in a row. So when I didn't immediately see two pink little lines I was sad but had prepared myself for it.  I'm not sure what made me go back and look at the test again. But I'm glad I did. Because even seeing that second, extremelly faint line got my heart racing.  I didn't want to get my hopes up so after 2 more tests to confirm I was indeed pregnant it became real.

I never suffered from morning sickness and eventually the sore breasts did kick in. I was tired but excited. Over 4th of July weekend, after telling my parents they were to be grandparents for the first time, I started spotting. And when the spotting continued for 3 more days I became worried. And one thing you can say about me is I am a worrier!  At the doctor I was ordered to have an ultrasound and to have my beta levels checked. Based on last period date I should have been farther along than I was.  On the ultrasound there was only a sac, nothing to see.  The doctor said either my dates were off or the baby wasn't growing.  So we had to go back again a week later and I had to have my blood drawn again. Needless to say, we had to have 3 sonograms done over 3 weeks to make sure baby was okay.  Thankfully - she continued to grow and we were finally given a due date - March 9, 2012.

For the next few weeks after that it was smooth sailing in the first trimester. Baby also had a strong heartbeat and I continued to feel good.  Tired with sore boobs, but those were my biggest complaints.  I lost weight during the first trimester though because I lost my appetite and could only eat small meals.  But I didn't complain.

My Second Trimester Pregnancy

As I entered my 2nd trimester we broke the news that we were pregnant and all of my "symptoms" if you call them that disappeared.  I had new bursts of energy, I was hungry all the time, and all around just felt really good. I wasn't showing at all at this point either.

At 13 weeks we did a genetics test to see if our baby had a high chance for Down Syndrome, etc. It was great seeing the baby again on the sono and things all seemed to look good.  Enter road bump number two. While all the results came back as very minimal chances for a genetic disease, my PAPP-A protein level was low, as in the 5th percentile. There haven't been many studies regarding this protein but it has been linked to pre-term birth, low birth weight babies, and in some cases, still birth in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. This meant I had to go see a perinatal (high risk) doctor for another sonogram to see how things were progressing.

At around 17 weeks a tiny little bump started to show, but nothing to really scream "I'M PREGNANT!"  It was around this time that I felt the baby for the first time.  I was laying in bed one Saturday night after a wonderful Mexican dinner and I felt what I can only describe as bubbles in my lower tummy.  Drew figured it was gas (since I just had Mexican), but as time went on and I continued to feel them, I did a Google search and realized I was feeling the baby!  

While we waited for the perinatal appointment we found out that we were having a girl! Kayleigh June was growing in my tummy and we just hoped that everything would be okay moving forward.  At 18 weeks we saw the perinatal doctor who said everything looked great, the placenta was great and performing, she was measuring a week ahead and that he suggested no follow ups.  [HUGE SMILES] By about 20 weeks Kayleigh was moving and shaking non-stop and I could always feel her. When Drew was able to put his hand on my tummy and feel her for the first time - well that was quite an experience. :-D

My Third Trimester Pregnancy

Rolling into the 3rd trimester things have continued just as well. You can't miss that I'm pregnant as Kayleigh was full on showing at about 22 weeks and now at 31 weeks there is no mistaking it. Her kicks are much stronger now - sometimes I have pain in my side rib or my sternum, a mix of both relaxin and her beating the crap out of me.  But I welcome the kicks and punches and hiccups because it lets me know all is right in her little world.

Other than the occasional pains (sometimes I get a sharp pain in my tummy when I first get out of bed or I feel a lot of pressure when my bladder is just too full) there hasn't been many other symptoms.  I had heartburn once (no more frozen spaghetti meals for me!) and I'm starting to feel tired again around late afternoon. If I stand too long in one place my feet start to hurt but no back pain or hip pain like many others complain of. All in all, I am feeling great. There are some days I don't even feel pregnant! But the she gives me a good kick to remind me she's in there and there is no forgetting that I am.

We have another sono tomorrow to follow up on her growth regarding the low PAPP-A score and at 36 weeks I have to have a non-stress test and amniotic fluid test. Two simple things that are standard follow up for this kind of thing.  But nothing that I am stressing about. I am sure she'll pass with flying colors and the next 8 weeks will be smooth sailing.  Now I just hope for an uneventful birth story to tell. :-)

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