Monday, January 2, 2012

Holy Cow - 30 weeks!

So I am officially 30 weeks, 4 days today. I can't believe that in about 9 more weeks our little Kayleigh will bless us with her presence and make us the happiest parents ever. :-) We start her nursery this weekend and I couldn't be more excited. I am so ready to have a place to put all her clothes and special things we've purchased for her so far.  My baby shower is in less than two weeks and I can't wait for a fun day filled with close friends and family. 

How far along: 30 weeks!

Size of our baby:  A squash.

Total weight gain/loss:  Total gain:  20 lbs.

Maternity clothes:  Pretty  much all pregnancy clothes.

Stretch marks: None.  But I do have a faint  linea negra. 

Sleep:  Still up during the night to pee - I actually wake up a lot now.

Best moment this week:  Planning the nursery which we start this weekend!

Movement: Yes!  She is very active and usually at the most inopportune times.  Last night she felt like she was trying to shove her way through my belly for about 10 minutes straight. I guess she was changing positions but she did it while I was trying to sleep!

Food cravings/aversions:  No aversions but I get random cravings - last night it was for salted potato chips that I saw on a TV show, other times its for orange juice or reese cups.

Belly button in or out: It's still hanging IN there!

What I miss/What I am looking forward to: Really looking forward to cleaning out the spare bedroom to officially make it Kayleigh's room.

Weekly Wisdom: 
Her brain is getting wrinklier -- to make way for all that essential brain tissue.

Milestones:  In the third trimester!

Symptoms:  Acid Reflux has kicked in and my knees start to hurt if I stand too long but otherwise I feel great!

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