Thursday, December 29, 2011

237 Things I love about Drew....continued

So one thing I can admit about myself - I suck at updating my blog.  So in my last post I left off with the first 50 things I love about Drew.  Since then he's reminded me one or two times that I never continued.  So here I am, ready to post reasons 51-100!

51. I love that when you read this blog you admitted that it made you smile.
52. I love that every time you get up to do something, you have to do some sort of dance along the way. 
53. I love that your dancing always seems like it should be accompanied by a stripper pole. 
54. I love that you have One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish pj bottoms - even if they are bright yellow. 
55. I love how seriously you took installing Kayleigh's car seat - in the cold - at 8 pm at night - on a Wednesday.
56. I love that when we were at the grocery store and  I saw a Cinderella stocking holder on sale for 50% you let me by it because it was for Kayleigh. 
57. I love that as soon as we got home from the grocery store you put her stocking holder up on the mantle so it was with the rest of the family.
58. I love when you get crazy ideas in your head (like how to stop water from gushing onto JC and Andy's deck) and then proceed to try and make it work. 
59. I love that you spent an hour putting together the Tool Set for Eli - it shows you'll do just fine building Barbie Dreamhouses. :-)
60. I love how you put a lot of thoughts into your gifts - from practical to something you know I really need/want. 
61. I love your ability to really think outside the box. 
62. I love that you watch movies like Tangled and Gnomeo and Juliet with me. 
63. I love when you give me a kiss before you or I go somewhere. 
64. I love that you bought a BOSE speaker system so we can play cds at night that remind us of Fiji.
65. I love when we were in Fiji and you got attacked by all the little fish. 
66. I love snuggling with you on hammock in the warm summer air (my favorite place was in Fiji!).
67. I love how goofy and fun you are. 
68. I love when you tell stories that have no real purpose or reason. 
69. I love that we always have something to talk about. 
70. I love when you read my weekly Kayleigh updates so we both know what's going on inside my uterus. 
71. I love that you love camping and going to the cabin when we have long weekends. 
72. I love how excited Bailey gets when you start singing.
73. I love how you can break out into song at the most inopportune times. 
74. I love that when you think you've upset your mom (usually after a few Borderitas) you always give her a hug to cheer her up. 
75. I love how willing you are to offer help to your friends - whether they need a loan, someone to talk to, or even a place to stay. 
76. I love that you always want to try new recipes when you cook, even if sometimes they don't turn out how you expect. 
77. I love that when we were dating you set up a schedule so we saw each other every day (Sun-Wed your house, Thur-Sat my house).
78. I love that you told your parents you were going to marry me after us only being together for 4 months (hey when you know you know).
79. I love that you tease my brother and take funny pictures of him that you then share to Facebook. 
80. I love that you agreed to let us take Maternity Photos because you knew it was something I really wanted. 
81. I love that when we took our engagement photos you didn't complain once about your pants getting soaked in the ocean or that it was only 55 degrees outside. 
82. I love how you carefully arranged all of our engagement photos so that each one is seen on our bookshelf. 
83. I love that you put a lot of thought into which wedding pictures to give your parents to make sure we captured the whole day.
84. I love how much fun you have at places like Medieval Times and even wear the silly crown the whole night. 
85. I love that you told your sister that there was beer at the zoo - and how you plan to go all the time when Kayleigh is here. 
86. I love that you wear flip flops even when its cold outside. 
87. I love how you keep trying to convince me to move to Key West or some Caribbean island. 
88. I love that you pose for pictures, no matter how silly, just I have photos for my scrapbook. 
89. I love that you want to convince the Dr to let us get another sono cause you think waiting 10 more weeks is much to long to see our baby girl. 
90. I love how easy you are to annoy and if I poke you in the belly you'll start to smile. 
91. I love that you are going to drive me to my parents house for my baby shower because I will be 35 weeks pregnant. 
92. I love that you keep count of my weeks in your iPad app. 
93. I love that you are already prepared to track contractions - even though we still have 10 weeks to go. 
94. I love that the baby growing inside my belly will be half of you. 
95. I love your cute butt chin. 
96. I love that you have so much junk in the trunk and aren't afraid to flaunt it around. 
97. I love that every time you start dancing its always the same move - you should probably patent it. 
98. I love that 90% of my pictures of the dogs include you cuddled up with them. 
99. I love how excited you are to put together Kayleigh's nursery. 
100. I love that you get on Google chat and talk to me all day at work - even when you work from home. 

Well there's the first 100.  Only 137 more to go! :-)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

237 Things I love about Drew....

Yesterday I had a pretty stressful and long day at work. I had to stay late to try and finalize a project only to have it put on hold by legal.  By the time I got home I was exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open.  But when I entered the house I could smell something delicious cooking in the oven - Andrew had made dinner for me and he had a movie ready for us to cuddle on the couch and watch together. So that night I posted the following on Facebook:

After posting it my husband read it and said "I'd like to hear the other 236 things you love about me too."  So I told him "Easy - no problem! I'll list them all out in my next blog post."

Now that I am thinking about it - it seems like a pretty tall task for one blog post. So I decided to break it out in 50's.  So this post I will let him know the 50 things I love about. Here goes nothing!

1. I love your reaction when you found out we were having a baby.
2. I love that you spend more time on Totsy than I do buying clothes for Miss Kayleigh.
3. I love that even though you never will admit it - you have a soft spot for Parker, Bailey and Teddy which includes nightly kisses and treats.
4. I love that you always bring my vitamins downstairs during dinner.
5. I love that when I finish my water bottle all I have to say is "my water is gone" and you get up and get me another.
6. I love that when Parker stands at the door staring at us and I say "Parker has to poop" you'll get up at the next commercial and take him out.
7. I love that you enjoyed Harry Potter World just as much as I did and yelled "Expecto Patronum" on Forbidden Journey.
8. I love that when you dressed up as Voledmort for Halloween you went out of your way to make sure you had the "authentic" wand.
9. And I love that after Halloween was over you set Harry and Voldemort's wants up on the mantle facing each other because "they were battling."
10. I love that you spent hours and hours helping me put together my Harry Potter lego sets.
11. I love that you read to me and Kayleigh from the Wizard of Oz.
12. I love that you attend child birth classes with me and try to feed me "ice chips" - even when I get annoyed at you for touching my face.
13. I love that you can always make me laugh no matter how angry I try to be at you.
14. And I really love that I can never stay mad at you for more than 5 minutes. 
15. I love that you change your Facebook profile picture to a picture of me and you without me ever saying you should change it.
16. I love that when I'm upset about something you always listen and try to offer advice.
17. I love that you let me fight my own battles.
18. But when I need your help you always step in and defend me. 
19. I love that you are close with your parents and that we spend so much time with them willingly.
20. I love that you support me in everything thing I like to do, even if you find it silly.
21. I love that after I finish a scrapbook you humor me by letting me show you each page.
22. I love that you gave Kayleigh two drawers in your dresser to hold her ever growing collection of clothing.
23. I love when you put your hand on my belly and ask if she is kicking in hopes of feeling her.
24. I love that when Kayleigh does kick you keep your hand on my belly until she completely stops even when she goes on for 10-15 minutes.
25. I love that you think Maximus will be a good middle name for a baby boy - although I still think its ridiculous.
26. I love that you enjoy cuddling on the couch and watching movies - even when we've had a Netflix movie for over 2 months.
27. I love that when you take my car and notice its low on gas you ALWAYS fill it up.
28. I love that when I had a fender bender you didn't yell at me but simply asked if I was okay.
29. I love that you enjoy the beach and traveling and are always looking for fun things to do.
30. I love when you hold my hand in public.
31. I love that you always tell me you love me when I leave to go somewhere no matter who is around.
32. I love how excited you get to see baby Eli and it makes me see how great of a dad you are going to be.
33. I love that you tease me when I say something stupid.
34. I love when you text me to say "I bought you a surprise" - aka when you bought me my pink Cricut Expression.
35. I love that when I get really excited about something you always do too no matter how crazy or stupid you think it might be (can we say bidding on cartridges on Ebay??).
36. I really love that you always put your hand out so I can hold it in the car.
37. I love that when you thought I was in a bad mood you took me to buy a Christmas tree cause you knew it would cheer me up.
38. I love that you stopped watching football to set up my tree, make it straight, water it and help me put on the lights.
39. I love that even though your sporting teams never see to win you stay loyal year after year.
40. I love how excited you are to be a daddy - I couldn't have asked for a better to be the father of my children.
41. I love how smart you are which usually means I can never beat you in Monopoly or Words with Friends.
42. I love that even when I'm 7 months pregnant with a big ol' belly you always look when I'm changing clothes.
43. I love when I ask you to un-tie my shoe because I have issues reaching down that far you do it with no questions or complaints.
44. I love that you give so freely and selflessly.
45. I love how much you planned your proposal to me and really made it something special that I'll neve forget.
46. I love that while most men don't care about wedding planning, that when we planned ours you were 200% involved.
47. I love that you are already thinking about my birthing gift when Kayleigh is born.
48. I love when you scratch my back or head when we snuggle on the couch.
49. I love how attentive you are, especially now that I'm pregnant (like when you grabbed my suitcase at our hotel last weekend and carried it up the stairs for me).
50. I love that you and my brother get along - especially since you know how important my family is to me.

Well there's the first 50! 187 more to go. :-)