Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Time is flying by!

I can't believe its been almost 26 weeks already!  In just 14 short weeks little miss Kayleigh June will be an official part of our lives!  Drew and I are really excited. We can't wait to meet her. Luckily things haven't been too hectic lately and with the up-coming holidays time seems to be really flying by. 

We purchased all of Kayleigh's furniture for her nursery.  I'm really excited to finally put it all together. Her room is going to be SO princess and girly - she will be so spoiled. Here is a picture of the actual furniture and bedding we purchased (I couldn't believe they actually put the two together - I decided on that well before Babies R Us posted this so apparently I should be working with their creative marketing team. Haha!). 
The only thing not picture here is the ottoman we picked out. This furniture line is called the Disney Princess line. Her crib converts to a toddler bed and eventually into a full sized bed. The crib comes with a canopy that isn't pictured. So as she gets older if she decides she doesn't want a canopy bed we can remove it.  But honestly what girl WOULDN'T want a fancy canopy bed? I know I always wanted one. The bedding line is called Petit Tressor Versailles. And it is gorgeous.  This small picture doesn't do it any justice. Right now her nursery has 3 white walls and one blue wall.  We are going to paint the blue wall the exact color purple in the bedding.  We got pretty much everything you see in the picture minus the mirror and the rug. All that is left is to get some purple curtains to hang under the valance, a bronze curtain rod to match the base of the lamp, white wood letters to spell her name, and decide which pictures I want to hang in her frames. 

Not only did we purchase her furniture and bedding, we also purchased a good deal of her bigger items when Babies R Us had a great sale going.  We got her stroller, car seats for both cars, the pack and play, and the monitor.  We also got a great Black Friday deal on her jumparoo which was 50% off. Everything left on our registry is the small stuff like bottles, pacifiers, a bouncer, crib sheets, toys, etc. We saved a great deal of money buying everything on sale.  She also has a ton of clothes already, her first pair of pink fuzzy snow boots and a tummy time play mat. I have been on the lookout for great deals on headbands, bows and flowers and even cute little hats. 

At 26 weeks I am really starting to show.  Kayleigh is an active little baby, especially at night after dinner. I can lay down in bed in the evening and she starts dancing and tumbling around. I love it! I haven't gained a whole ton of weight - although I have my next appointment on Friday so we'll see where I'm at then. For the most part all my weight gain has been all baby! As I prepare to enter into the 3rd trimester I expect to gain around 1lb a week - although I'd rather keep that to 1lb every 2 weeks so I only gain about 6 more lbs. But there is a good chance I'll gain about 12 more lbs total which isn't bad considering I have only gained 5 in the past 25 weeks! My glucose test is coming up this week as well so I have my fingers crossed that I pass with flying colors!

Here is a recent photo of the Kayleigh bump! This was taken Thanksgiving evening at 25 weeks along. 

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