Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's a....


So the last 5 days have been quite interesting for us to say the least. Last Friday we had our ultrasound to do a 18 week anatomy scan and determine the sex of our little baby. We found out that it was indeed a baby girl and she was measuring about 5 days ahead of her due date.  The sono tech asked if our doctor's office was still using March 9th as a due date and we said yes, so they changed the date on the ultrasound and said they wouldn't update it until the doctor did. On Tuesday we had another doctor's appointment.  This one was with a parinatal doctor that was looking at the baby because we had low PAPP-A protein. While at this ultrasound we were told that Kayleigh was measuring 19 weeks, 5 days - even though she was only supposed to be 18 weeks, 4 days. An entire 8 days ahead of her due date! If her size is any indicator then our due date is off by a week and we are really due on March 1. This means I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow and halfway to delivery!! I am going to speak with my doctor about changing the due date because 8 days off is pretty extensive. I want to track as closely as possible to her actual size. Another crazy thing we were told was on Friday she weighed in at 8 ounces but on Tuesday she was 11! She supposedly gained 3 ounces in only 5 days. It makes me wonder how accurate these birth weight estimates are for babies that are still in the womb. The most important thing though is Kayleigh is PERFECT! We do not need any follow up appointments and we can continue on as normal (Finally!). It is great that we can just relax and enjoy being pregnant. I figured out what her nursery will look like - as soon as we know where we will be living come January we will start the decorating. But we'll start shopping now. :-) I am so excited to meet my little girl in 4 and a half months! March can't get here soon enough.

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