Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Telling the parents the big news

After we found out we were pregnant we decided we wanted to tell our parents in person instead of calling them.  Back in early May I made hand-made charm bracelets for each of our moms. My mom's bracelet was purple and silver and the charms were an owl, a heart that said "#1 Grandma" and a little toy rocker.  My MIL's bracelet was blue and it had a palm tree, a heart that said "#1 Grandma" and little abc blocks. The Tuesday after we found out we were pregnant we had a dinner date with my husband's parents.  As we were sitting around the table, eating appetizers, we casually brought up that I made something for his mom to wear during her beach vacation. I hand her the jewelry box and she carefully opens it to see the bracelet. Her first comment was "how pretty!" but as she started to look at each of the charms her facial expression quickly changed. She looked up and us and said "no way!" My husband and I just smiled and said "yep!" and she started crying.  She jumped up and gave me a hug then started to run around the table to give my husband a hug. His dad had NO idea what was going on and kept asking "what? what? what's going on?" She hands him the bracelet as she runs over to hug my husband and he reads what has caused the commotion. He reaches out to shake my husband's hand and then pumps his fist and says "YES!" They were so very happy. 

Telling my parents was just as fun.  We made up an excuse to go visit them for the 4th of July and traveled down to Smithfield for the weekend. On Saturday, before heading over to a bbq at my grandma's I called my parents to the kitchen table so I could give them their gifts. First I handed my dad two Beatles pillows that we got him when we were furniture shopping. Below is the dialogue for how the rest of the conversation went. 

Dad: I see you guys have been shopping at Value City. I have no where to put these, your mom won't let me put them in the living room!

Me: Put them on your recliner, they match perfect!

Dad wanders off with his pillows. I hand my mom her gift box. Mom opens the gift box.

Mom: Oh how pretty. Where is the matching necklace and earrings? 

Me: (laughing) I had a feeling you'd say that.

Mom starts to look through the charms and reads the heart.

Mom: #1 grandma? I'm not a grandma. Are you pregnant?

Me: We are!

Mom: Are you pulling my leg?

My dad walks back into the conversation. 

Dad: Whose pulling your leg?

Mom: She said she's pregnant!

Dad: Are you pulling her leg?
Me: No! We are pregnant!

My mom starts crying and comes over to hug me, she finally believes us!  

Both of our mom's had the best reactions. Just how we imagined it would be. It was an amazing experience telling our parent's that they would be grandparents for the first time ever! 

Here is a picture of the bracelet I made my mom - Drew's mom's is the same only blue and with some slightly different beads at the top. Sorry its not the best quality picture - I forgot to get pics of them before giving them away so my mom had to email a picture!


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