Friday, August 26, 2011

Cayo Hueso - Bone Island

[I wrote this blog back in February and I apparently forgot to post it!  OOPS!] :-D

We heard many ghost stories while we were in Key West a couple of weekends ago - one was how Key West came to be called Key West.  It is quite an interesting story.  If you want to read about it you can check it out here

We had a great time in Key West with Drew's parents. It is always a great getting to spend time with them - they love doing the touristy and sight seeing type tours...well Drew's dad does and since I do too we always trump Drew and his mom who are usually just along for the ride.  That would explain how we were able to make it to the Butterfly Museum! We saw pretty much everything you could think of while in Key West. We went to the Wreckers Museum to see how they handled ship wrecks back in the day, we stopped at the southern most point to have our picture taken, walked by Hemingway's House while Drew held his nose to avoid inhaling cat dander (the house is populated with a ton of cats), and we checked out Robert the Doll...a blog for another time. 

The highlight (if you want to call it that) happened while walking down Duval Street.  Duval is to Key West what Bourbon Street is to New Orleans. Tons of bars (we had drinks at quite a few of them), a bunch of gay bars (they loved their cross dressing shows down there!), and plenty of shopping. While we were walking down Duval Street window shopping a motorcycle roared down the street - a man was driving while a girl in knee high socks, a short plaid skirt and white button up shirt road on back. The girl on back was straddling the guy with her legs wide open and my first reaction was "Oh my goodness. Doesn't that girl have any self respect?! She is riding on the back of a bike, in a skirt with all her goodies hanging out!" Drew simply responded saying she could do whatever she wanted and I shouldn't judge.  Not even 2 minutes later the motorcycle came back down the street and stopped in front of a bar. Drew said to me "Umm Pamela...your girl in the skirt just got off the bike. You should look at her."  As I turned my head Drew says "It's a dude!"  Sure enough I was judging a transvestite in a short skirt.  And you know what, I still stand by what I or woman I don't want to see either of their hoohahs! It was an interesting trip to say the least!