Friday, February 18, 2011

Tell me again why I agreed to do this?

Oh that's right.  Because Andrew told me it would be fun. 

According to the dictionary fun means (well apparently it has like 4 meanings): 1: what provides amusement or enjoyment; specifically : playful often boisterous action or speech 2: a mood for finding or making amusement 3 a : amusement, enjoyment fun out of life b : derisive jest :sport, ridicule 4 : violent or excited activity or argument 

What type of fun am I talking about?  Why that would be scuba diving of course. And for this blog I'm going to label fun and scuba diving as #4 - violent or excited activity or argument. 
While it is very difficult to argue with someone underwater with a regulator in your mouth I sure as hell did my best to scream at lot at Andrew while we dove. This was our first diving trip where we were allowed to dive without a teacher - a dive master - a dive instructor - a dive guide.  Whatever you want to call them - I wish we had one. As soon as we jumped into the water on our VERY FIRST dive, a shark swam past us.  Yes, that is right - the first marine life I see as my head sinks underwater is a shark. Luckily for me I didn't panic! Or maybe lucky for me that I wasn't weighted properly so I only sank about 2 inches before my buoyancy popped me back to the surface. No way that shark was going to get me! But I unwisely went over to add more weight to my BCD and slowly...cautiously, I prepared to sink. As I let the air out of my BCD my head flew back and forth underwater looking for the shark but it had decided to continue on it's merry way. After achieving neutral buoyancy we swam through the clear waters of the Keys. Fish swam around the coral as we explored the reef. Neither of us appeared to have a sense of direction so we just randomly swam around in circles...even though Andrew had a compass...which we never actually looked at to get our bearings. But even without knowing where we were going, we still somehow managed to run into an octopus.  Did I tell you that was my greatest fear about scuba diving?  Not sharks - no it was being eaten by a giant octopus. Everyone said I was being irrational and that I probably would never see an octopus - well HA, I can say I told you so. Of course, we didn't notice the octopus until Andrew literally swam right into it. It blinked at us a few times and we scurried away. 
Everyone told us our first dive was a good dive since we saw so much. No one else saw a shark or an octopus so we were the best divers ever. Well that is probably an over statement but apparently we had the best dive. On our second dive -that is where the argument under water came in.  I let Andrew lead the way. And he lead me right into 4 ft shallow water and he continued to swim shallower and shallower until our knees were within inches of coral. I screamed at him...threw a tantrum under water when he couldn't see me and finally grabbed a hold of his fin to stop him. Then I gave him some nasty gestures under water, while still screaming at him through my regulator and convinced him it was time to turn around and go back to the boat. The boat by the way was over 100 yards away. We swam against the rough waters trying to get back before Andrew ran out of air and before our 1 hour time limit was up. I thought I was going to die. Moral of this story - I need to hit the gym. 
Andrew loved every minute of the dive - he chased the fish and swam to the bottom of the ocean. I preferred to stay a few feet off the ocean floor and just get used to my surroundings. Next time we dive I am going to demand we dive with a group or a dive guide so we can at least have someone that knows where they are going and someone that knows how to beat up a shark and octopus, just in case.