Thursday, January 27, 2011

A quiet start to the year

It's been a while since I've updated. Not much has been going on lately which is probably why. Last weekend I traveled to Orlando for a Girl's Weekend with my mom and cousin. We spent the weekend visiting the two Universal Parks.  It was really nice spending so much time with my mom even if things didn't go as perfect as we would have liked.

The Good - spending time with my  mom
The Bad - saying goodbye to my mom in the airport - it is amazing, I am almost 27 years old and married but I still miss my parents terribly. As we were saying goodbye my mom started tearing up and I told her to stop before she made me start! I love how close I am to my mom, she really is my best friend and I tell her everything.
The Good - it was 75 degrees when we landed in Orlando on Thursday.
The Bad - it started raining as soon as we got to the park on Friday.
The Good - even though it was raining it was still warm so we weren't cold AND wet.
The Bad - Wet Chucks give some serious blisters on ones feet.
The Good - I found the only wandering medic in the park and got free band aids.
The Bad - Toes wrapped in band aids then shoved into shoes does not feel very good.
The Good - Seeing my mom and cousins faces as they took in each aspect of the park. See picture below for evidence of said excitement.
This was Debra's first experience with Honeydukes sweet shop and lets just say she was very overwhelmed with everything.

There are many other good and bad moments but overall the good outweighed the bad. I cherish the moments I get to spend with my family. I think an annual or semi-annual trip with my mom is in order!  Here are a few more pictures of our trip.
This is the emptiest I think you'll ever see Harry Potter World on any given day!

Next month we are heading to Key West for Valentine's Day with Drew's parents. That should be a lot of fun - we will be able to get another dive in before the cruise.  Ahh the cruise - we have a month and like 12 days before our cruise. I seriously need to get more hardcore into the gym. I'm very excited for the next three months. Key West, 27th Birthday, Cruise, and our 1 year anniversary. How exciting! So far things have been quiet but I will have plenty to post over the next few months.

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