Thursday, December 29, 2011

237 Things I love about Drew....continued

So one thing I can admit about myself - I suck at updating my blog.  So in my last post I left off with the first 50 things I love about Drew.  Since then he's reminded me one or two times that I never continued.  So here I am, ready to post reasons 51-100!

51. I love that when you read this blog you admitted that it made you smile.
52. I love that every time you get up to do something, you have to do some sort of dance along the way. 
53. I love that your dancing always seems like it should be accompanied by a stripper pole. 
54. I love that you have One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish pj bottoms - even if they are bright yellow. 
55. I love how seriously you took installing Kayleigh's car seat - in the cold - at 8 pm at night - on a Wednesday.
56. I love that when we were at the grocery store and  I saw a Cinderella stocking holder on sale for 50% you let me by it because it was for Kayleigh. 
57. I love that as soon as we got home from the grocery store you put her stocking holder up on the mantle so it was with the rest of the family.
58. I love when you get crazy ideas in your head (like how to stop water from gushing onto JC and Andy's deck) and then proceed to try and make it work. 
59. I love that you spent an hour putting together the Tool Set for Eli - it shows you'll do just fine building Barbie Dreamhouses. :-)
60. I love how you put a lot of thoughts into your gifts - from practical to something you know I really need/want. 
61. I love your ability to really think outside the box. 
62. I love that you watch movies like Tangled and Gnomeo and Juliet with me. 
63. I love when you give me a kiss before you or I go somewhere. 
64. I love that you bought a BOSE speaker system so we can play cds at night that remind us of Fiji.
65. I love when we were in Fiji and you got attacked by all the little fish. 
66. I love snuggling with you on hammock in the warm summer air (my favorite place was in Fiji!).
67. I love how goofy and fun you are. 
68. I love when you tell stories that have no real purpose or reason. 
69. I love that we always have something to talk about. 
70. I love when you read my weekly Kayleigh updates so we both know what's going on inside my uterus. 
71. I love that you love camping and going to the cabin when we have long weekends. 
72. I love how excited Bailey gets when you start singing.
73. I love how you can break out into song at the most inopportune times. 
74. I love that when you think you've upset your mom (usually after a few Borderitas) you always give her a hug to cheer her up. 
75. I love how willing you are to offer help to your friends - whether they need a loan, someone to talk to, or even a place to stay. 
76. I love that you always want to try new recipes when you cook, even if sometimes they don't turn out how you expect. 
77. I love that when we were dating you set up a schedule so we saw each other every day (Sun-Wed your house, Thur-Sat my house).
78. I love that you told your parents you were going to marry me after us only being together for 4 months (hey when you know you know).
79. I love that you tease my brother and take funny pictures of him that you then share to Facebook. 
80. I love that you agreed to let us take Maternity Photos because you knew it was something I really wanted. 
81. I love that when we took our engagement photos you didn't complain once about your pants getting soaked in the ocean or that it was only 55 degrees outside. 
82. I love how you carefully arranged all of our engagement photos so that each one is seen on our bookshelf. 
83. I love that you put a lot of thought into which wedding pictures to give your parents to make sure we captured the whole day.
84. I love how much fun you have at places like Medieval Times and even wear the silly crown the whole night. 
85. I love that you told your sister that there was beer at the zoo - and how you plan to go all the time when Kayleigh is here. 
86. I love that you wear flip flops even when its cold outside. 
87. I love how you keep trying to convince me to move to Key West or some Caribbean island. 
88. I love that you pose for pictures, no matter how silly, just I have photos for my scrapbook. 
89. I love that you want to convince the Dr to let us get another sono cause you think waiting 10 more weeks is much to long to see our baby girl. 
90. I love how easy you are to annoy and if I poke you in the belly you'll start to smile. 
91. I love that you are going to drive me to my parents house for my baby shower because I will be 35 weeks pregnant. 
92. I love that you keep count of my weeks in your iPad app. 
93. I love that you are already prepared to track contractions - even though we still have 10 weeks to go. 
94. I love that the baby growing inside my belly will be half of you. 
95. I love your cute butt chin. 
96. I love that you have so much junk in the trunk and aren't afraid to flaunt it around. 
97. I love that every time you start dancing its always the same move - you should probably patent it. 
98. I love that 90% of my pictures of the dogs include you cuddled up with them. 
99. I love how excited you are to put together Kayleigh's nursery. 
100. I love that you get on Google chat and talk to me all day at work - even when you work from home. 

Well there's the first 100.  Only 137 more to go! :-)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

237 Things I love about Drew....

Yesterday I had a pretty stressful and long day at work. I had to stay late to try and finalize a project only to have it put on hold by legal.  By the time I got home I was exhausted and could barely keep my eyes open.  But when I entered the house I could smell something delicious cooking in the oven - Andrew had made dinner for me and he had a movie ready for us to cuddle on the couch and watch together. So that night I posted the following on Facebook:

After posting it my husband read it and said "I'd like to hear the other 236 things you love about me too."  So I told him "Easy - no problem! I'll list them all out in my next blog post."

Now that I am thinking about it - it seems like a pretty tall task for one blog post. So I decided to break it out in 50's.  So this post I will let him know the 50 things I love about. Here goes nothing!

1. I love your reaction when you found out we were having a baby.
2. I love that you spend more time on Totsy than I do buying clothes for Miss Kayleigh.
3. I love that even though you never will admit it - you have a soft spot for Parker, Bailey and Teddy which includes nightly kisses and treats.
4. I love that you always bring my vitamins downstairs during dinner.
5. I love that when I finish my water bottle all I have to say is "my water is gone" and you get up and get me another.
6. I love that when Parker stands at the door staring at us and I say "Parker has to poop" you'll get up at the next commercial and take him out.
7. I love that you enjoyed Harry Potter World just as much as I did and yelled "Expecto Patronum" on Forbidden Journey.
8. I love that when you dressed up as Voledmort for Halloween you went out of your way to make sure you had the "authentic" wand.
9. And I love that after Halloween was over you set Harry and Voldemort's wants up on the mantle facing each other because "they were battling."
10. I love that you spent hours and hours helping me put together my Harry Potter lego sets.
11. I love that you read to me and Kayleigh from the Wizard of Oz.
12. I love that you attend child birth classes with me and try to feed me "ice chips" - even when I get annoyed at you for touching my face.
13. I love that you can always make me laugh no matter how angry I try to be at you.
14. And I really love that I can never stay mad at you for more than 5 minutes. 
15. I love that you change your Facebook profile picture to a picture of me and you without me ever saying you should change it.
16. I love that when I'm upset about something you always listen and try to offer advice.
17. I love that you let me fight my own battles.
18. But when I need your help you always step in and defend me. 
19. I love that you are close with your parents and that we spend so much time with them willingly.
20. I love that you support me in everything thing I like to do, even if you find it silly.
21. I love that after I finish a scrapbook you humor me by letting me show you each page.
22. I love that you gave Kayleigh two drawers in your dresser to hold her ever growing collection of clothing.
23. I love when you put your hand on my belly and ask if she is kicking in hopes of feeling her.
24. I love that when Kayleigh does kick you keep your hand on my belly until she completely stops even when she goes on for 10-15 minutes.
25. I love that you think Maximus will be a good middle name for a baby boy - although I still think its ridiculous.
26. I love that you enjoy cuddling on the couch and watching movies - even when we've had a Netflix movie for over 2 months.
27. I love that when you take my car and notice its low on gas you ALWAYS fill it up.
28. I love that when I had a fender bender you didn't yell at me but simply asked if I was okay.
29. I love that you enjoy the beach and traveling and are always looking for fun things to do.
30. I love when you hold my hand in public.
31. I love that you always tell me you love me when I leave to go somewhere no matter who is around.
32. I love how excited you get to see baby Eli and it makes me see how great of a dad you are going to be.
33. I love that you tease me when I say something stupid.
34. I love when you text me to say "I bought you a surprise" - aka when you bought me my pink Cricut Expression.
35. I love that when I get really excited about something you always do too no matter how crazy or stupid you think it might be (can we say bidding on cartridges on Ebay??).
36. I really love that you always put your hand out so I can hold it in the car.
37. I love that when you thought I was in a bad mood you took me to buy a Christmas tree cause you knew it would cheer me up.
38. I love that you stopped watching football to set up my tree, make it straight, water it and help me put on the lights.
39. I love that even though your sporting teams never see to win you stay loyal year after year.
40. I love how excited you are to be a daddy - I couldn't have asked for a better to be the father of my children.
41. I love how smart you are which usually means I can never beat you in Monopoly or Words with Friends.
42. I love that even when I'm 7 months pregnant with a big ol' belly you always look when I'm changing clothes.
43. I love when I ask you to un-tie my shoe because I have issues reaching down that far you do it with no questions or complaints.
44. I love that you give so freely and selflessly.
45. I love how much you planned your proposal to me and really made it something special that I'll neve forget.
46. I love that while most men don't care about wedding planning, that when we planned ours you were 200% involved.
47. I love that you are already thinking about my birthing gift when Kayleigh is born.
48. I love when you scratch my back or head when we snuggle on the couch.
49. I love how attentive you are, especially now that I'm pregnant (like when you grabbed my suitcase at our hotel last weekend and carried it up the stairs for me).
50. I love that you and my brother get along - especially since you know how important my family is to me.

Well there's the first 50! 187 more to go. :-)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Time is flying by!

I can't believe its been almost 26 weeks already!  In just 14 short weeks little miss Kayleigh June will be an official part of our lives!  Drew and I are really excited. We can't wait to meet her. Luckily things haven't been too hectic lately and with the up-coming holidays time seems to be really flying by. 

We purchased all of Kayleigh's furniture for her nursery.  I'm really excited to finally put it all together. Her room is going to be SO princess and girly - she will be so spoiled. Here is a picture of the actual furniture and bedding we purchased (I couldn't believe they actually put the two together - I decided on that well before Babies R Us posted this so apparently I should be working with their creative marketing team. Haha!). 
The only thing not picture here is the ottoman we picked out. This furniture line is called the Disney Princess line. Her crib converts to a toddler bed and eventually into a full sized bed. The crib comes with a canopy that isn't pictured. So as she gets older if she decides she doesn't want a canopy bed we can remove it.  But honestly what girl WOULDN'T want a fancy canopy bed? I know I always wanted one. The bedding line is called Petit Tressor Versailles. And it is gorgeous.  This small picture doesn't do it any justice. Right now her nursery has 3 white walls and one blue wall.  We are going to paint the blue wall the exact color purple in the bedding.  We got pretty much everything you see in the picture minus the mirror and the rug. All that is left is to get some purple curtains to hang under the valance, a bronze curtain rod to match the base of the lamp, white wood letters to spell her name, and decide which pictures I want to hang in her frames. 

Not only did we purchase her furniture and bedding, we also purchased a good deal of her bigger items when Babies R Us had a great sale going.  We got her stroller, car seats for both cars, the pack and play, and the monitor.  We also got a great Black Friday deal on her jumparoo which was 50% off. Everything left on our registry is the small stuff like bottles, pacifiers, a bouncer, crib sheets, toys, etc. We saved a great deal of money buying everything on sale.  She also has a ton of clothes already, her first pair of pink fuzzy snow boots and a tummy time play mat. I have been on the lookout for great deals on headbands, bows and flowers and even cute little hats. 

At 26 weeks I am really starting to show.  Kayleigh is an active little baby, especially at night after dinner. I can lay down in bed in the evening and she starts dancing and tumbling around. I love it! I haven't gained a whole ton of weight - although I have my next appointment on Friday so we'll see where I'm at then. For the most part all my weight gain has been all baby! As I prepare to enter into the 3rd trimester I expect to gain around 1lb a week - although I'd rather keep that to 1lb every 2 weeks so I only gain about 6 more lbs. But there is a good chance I'll gain about 12 more lbs total which isn't bad considering I have only gained 5 in the past 25 weeks! My glucose test is coming up this week as well so I have my fingers crossed that I pass with flying colors!

Here is a recent photo of the Kayleigh bump! This was taken Thanksgiving evening at 25 weeks along. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

21 weeks, 6 days!

How far along: 21 weeks 6 days!

Size of our baby:  A banana.



Total weight gain/loss:  Total gain:  4lb.

Maternity clothes:  All maternity bottoms but I can still wear a few of my pre-pregnancy sweaters.

Stretch marks: Nothing and hopefully I can keep it that way!

Sleep:  Still up during the night about 3 or 4 times to pee and Drew always wakes me up when he comes to bed.

Best moment this week: Hearing the doctor say we are totally boring and normal. :-)

Movement: All the time now! Even Drew has been able to feel some of her more stronger kicks. She's a mover and a shaker!

Food cravings/aversions:  Candy - mostly chocolate candy like reese cups and butterfingers.

Belly button in or out: In. And I'm pretty sure its going to stay in.

What I miss/What I am looking forward to: Looking forward to finally starting the nursery. But that won't happen for another two months. 

Weekly Wisdom: 
If it's a girl, she's already got a lifetime's supply of eggs in her womb -- about six million of them!

Over half way to baby!

Wow - time seems to be flying by. I can't believe its already November and I'm in my 22nd week of pregnancy. We had our monthly OB appointment yesterday and I was excited because it was with Dr Mcknight.  She is the OB that is my favorite in the practice (she's also been my gyno for the last 3 years). In previous appointments I hadn't gained any weight - in fact, I had actually lost weight. So I was nervous stepping onto the scale. I felt as though, with my belly finally popping out, that I should have gained something.  And sure enough I had! I have officially gained 4 lbs.  Not that I want to gained a lot of weight, I just want to know that little Kayleigh is growing just like she needs to. 

When Dr McKnight started measuring my belly her first words were "Wow baby sure is growing fast! Which of you was the big baby?" I was startled at first to hear that because I was barely 6lbs and Drew was only 6lbs 10 ounces at birth. So neither of us would bring a "big baby" gene to the mix. But as I thought more about it, I realized that Kayleigh has always been about 7-9 days ahead of her actual guesstimated age - so the fact she seemed big for her age made sense. She probably is farther along than our due date suggests. After hearing her strong and steady heartbeat (147!) our doc asked if we had any questions. We asked about the due date and normal questions that had arose and then I asked her about my weight gain and if everything was okay.  And her response was "Yep, you're boring.  Everything is normal." What an amazing thing to hear. :-) Especially after the way things started out for us. We are now just chugging along with a normal and healthy pregnancy.

Even more exciting - I have been feeling Kayleigh kick for about 3 weeks now. I officially realized what they were about two weeks ago and now I feel her all the time. She's very active. Drew has even been able to feel her kicking when I put his hand on my belly.  It's such a great feeling. It really does feel like bubbles in your lower tummy. And since there is nothing down there now but her, there's no question about what it is. Some days she gets me really good and I wonder if she is purposely headbutting me or doing flips. And naturally - if I get up to go to the restroom at 3 am, Kayleigh is right there awake with me, kicking away. I can't say I mind it though. Feeling her kick just reassures me that everything is going okay. Next appointment I have my glucose testing. I am hoping I pass so I don't have to sit through the three hour testing! That would not be a fun day. So fingers crossed I pass with flying colors!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's a....


So the last 5 days have been quite interesting for us to say the least. Last Friday we had our ultrasound to do a 18 week anatomy scan and determine the sex of our little baby. We found out that it was indeed a baby girl and she was measuring about 5 days ahead of her due date.  The sono tech asked if our doctor's office was still using March 9th as a due date and we said yes, so they changed the date on the ultrasound and said they wouldn't update it until the doctor did. On Tuesday we had another doctor's appointment.  This one was with a parinatal doctor that was looking at the baby because we had low PAPP-A protein. While at this ultrasound we were told that Kayleigh was measuring 19 weeks, 5 days - even though she was only supposed to be 18 weeks, 4 days. An entire 8 days ahead of her due date! If her size is any indicator then our due date is off by a week and we are really due on March 1. This means I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow and halfway to delivery!! I am going to speak with my doctor about changing the due date because 8 days off is pretty extensive. I want to track as closely as possible to her actual size. Another crazy thing we were told was on Friday she weighed in at 8 ounces but on Tuesday she was 11! She supposedly gained 3 ounces in only 5 days. It makes me wonder how accurate these birth weight estimates are for babies that are still in the womb. The most important thing though is Kayleigh is PERFECT! We do not need any follow up appointments and we can continue on as normal (Finally!). It is great that we can just relax and enjoy being pregnant. I figured out what her nursery will look like - as soon as we know where we will be living come January we will start the decorating. But we'll start shopping now. :-) I am so excited to meet my little girl in 4 and a half months! March can't get here soon enough.

Monday, October 3, 2011

17 Weeks, 4 Days!

How far along: 17 weeks

Size of our baby:  An onion

Total weight gain/loss: Not sure - I guess we probably shouldn't have packed away the scale. I will find out tomorrow at our next OB appt!

Maternity clothes: Starting to wear mostly maternity clothes because they are comfortable but the panels of the pants are still too big - not a big enough bump to hold it up yet!

Stretch marks: None.

Sleep:  I wake up about 3-4 times to pee. If something wakes me up then it means I have to get up and go to the bathroom.

Best moment this week:  Hopefully finding out the sex of the baby....

Movement: Not yet.

Food cravings/aversions: Most things chocolate - I had a slurpee on Saturday though and it was heavenly. I should buy those more often.

Belly button in or out: In.

What I miss/What I am looking forward to: Learning the sex of our baby!

Weekly Wisdom:  Baby's skeleton is hardening, changing from rubbery cartilage to bone, and fat is finally accumulating around it. His umbilical cord is getting thicker and stronger, and those little fingers and toes now feature one-of-a-kind prints.

Milestones: Almost half way!

None really - a few headaches every now and then and some soreness in my back but that's about it.

Monday, September 26, 2011

16 Weeks, 4 Days!

How far along: 16 weeks

Size of our baby:  An avocado

Total weight gain/loss: still think I'm holding steady at the 3lb loss but I might be back at my normal weight. We'll find out next Tuesday.

Maternity clothes:  I don't really need any, I can still wear my regular jeans and all my normal tops, but this past weekend I got a bunch of maternity tops and a couple pair of jeans so I'm ready for the day when I can't fit into anything anymore.  It could be any day now!

Stretch marks: None.

Sleep:  Normal for the most part, but I wake up a lot.

Best moment this week:  My mom telling me she was starting to see a baby bump. :-)

Movement: Not yet.

Food cravings/aversions:  Reese Cups and Chocolate Milk.

Belly button in or out: In.

What I miss/What I am looking forward to: I'm looking forward to hearing the baby's heartbeat next week and setting our appointment to find out the sex!

Weekly Wisdom:  Watch what you say...tiny bones forming in baby's ears mean she can now pick up your voice. A few more minuscule changes: Eyebrows, lashes, and hair are starting to fill in, and taste buds are forming.

Milestones: Almost half way!

Pretty much none.

Monday, September 19, 2011

15 Weeks, 4 days!

How far along: 15 weeks

Size of our baby:  An orange

Total weight gain/loss: I actually lost 3 lbs from the last appt but I'm not sure where I'm at now.

Maternity clothes:  None yet - my friend gave me a few of her maternity clothes but I haven't had to wear them.

Stretch marks: None.

Sleep:  It's on and off - still getting used to sleeping on my side, as I'm a back sleeper!

Best moment this week:  Probably when our boxes from Totsy arrived, full of baby stuff!

Movement: None yet

Food cravings/aversions: I really am into chocolate milk right now - I drink a huge glass each night with dinner.

Belly button in or out: In.

What I miss/What I am looking forward to: Our next anatomy scan in 3 weeks when we learn the sex!!

Weekly Wisdom:  Continuing the march toward normal proportions, baby's legs now out-measure his arms. And, finally, all four limbs have functional joints. Your fetus is squirming and wiggling like crazy down in the womb, though you probably can't feel the movements just yet.

Milestones: Second Trimester!

Symptoms:  Haven't really had any this whole pregnancy. Biggest issue was fatigue and some lower back pain (I blame that on my work chair).
But now I feel pretty great!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Telling the parents the big news

After we found out we were pregnant we decided we wanted to tell our parents in person instead of calling them.  Back in early May I made hand-made charm bracelets for each of our moms. My mom's bracelet was purple and silver and the charms were an owl, a heart that said "#1 Grandma" and a little toy rocker.  My MIL's bracelet was blue and it had a palm tree, a heart that said "#1 Grandma" and little abc blocks. The Tuesday after we found out we were pregnant we had a dinner date with my husband's parents.  As we were sitting around the table, eating appetizers, we casually brought up that I made something for his mom to wear during her beach vacation. I hand her the jewelry box and she carefully opens it to see the bracelet. Her first comment was "how pretty!" but as she started to look at each of the charms her facial expression quickly changed. She looked up and us and said "no way!" My husband and I just smiled and said "yep!" and she started crying.  She jumped up and gave me a hug then started to run around the table to give my husband a hug. His dad had NO idea what was going on and kept asking "what? what? what's going on?" She hands him the bracelet as she runs over to hug my husband and he reads what has caused the commotion. He reaches out to shake my husband's hand and then pumps his fist and says "YES!" They were so very happy. 

Telling my parents was just as fun.  We made up an excuse to go visit them for the 4th of July and traveled down to Smithfield for the weekend. On Saturday, before heading over to a bbq at my grandma's I called my parents to the kitchen table so I could give them their gifts. First I handed my dad two Beatles pillows that we got him when we were furniture shopping. Below is the dialogue for how the rest of the conversation went. 

Dad: I see you guys have been shopping at Value City. I have no where to put these, your mom won't let me put them in the living room!

Me: Put them on your recliner, they match perfect!

Dad wanders off with his pillows. I hand my mom her gift box. Mom opens the gift box.

Mom: Oh how pretty. Where is the matching necklace and earrings? 

Me: (laughing) I had a feeling you'd say that.

Mom starts to look through the charms and reads the heart.

Mom: #1 grandma? I'm not a grandma. Are you pregnant?

Me: We are!

Mom: Are you pulling my leg?

My dad walks back into the conversation. 

Dad: Whose pulling your leg?

Mom: She said she's pregnant!

Dad: Are you pulling her leg?
Me: No! We are pregnant!

My mom starts crying and comes over to hug me, she finally believes us!  

Both of our mom's had the best reactions. Just how we imagined it would be. It was an amazing experience telling our parent's that they would be grandparents for the first time ever! 

Here is a picture of the bracelet I made my mom - Drew's mom's is the same only blue and with some slightly different beads at the top. Sorry its not the best quality picture - I forgot to get pics of them before giving them away so my mom had to email a picture!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Drum roll please......

It's been since February that I last made a post on my blog.  And now I'm back with big news!

Tthe big announcement is......I'm PREGNANT!

We found out we were pregnant on June 24th. It was a total shock. We had been trying to conceive since March and we figured June was going to be our 4th month of a negative result. I came home on that Friday in a bad mood. Work was horrible and I was ranting and raving to my husband about how angry I was and to top it all off, even though I was a day late, I felt as though my period was about to start.  Annoyed with my extremely bad mood and ranting he told me to do something about it. I yelled at him - asking what he wanted me to do, find a new job?  And he replied, you can at least go take a test to find out if you really are starting your period or not. I told him we had agreed to wait until Sunday when we would know if my period was indeed late. But he was so aggravated with me for complaining and not doing anything to change it, that I stormed up the stairs, stomping the whole way into the bathroom. He stayed at the computer - I'm sure he was rolling his eyes at my immaturity (now at least I can blame it on my hormones and not being actually crazy!).

For the previous two months we had been using an ovulation test kit. On the days that were my peak days the lines would show up right away, no 3 minutes of waiting. So I knew when we got pregnant the test would probably be the same way.  So when I peed on the test and saw the "pee" line show up right away and nothing else, I was let down. I walked to the balcony and yelled down "NOPE! Not pregnant!" I decided to torture myself by checking again when the five minute waiting time was up. When I picked up the stick I noticed a very faint pink line. Almost not even there, I could barely see it. But it was there. I yelled down to my husband "Have we ever seen any types of lines other than the pee line before?" Confused he came upstairs to look at the test. We held it under the bathroom light fixture for a better look and sure enough, he saw the line too. I didn't want to get my hopes up because I would be crushed if it was just my mind playing tricks on me, but he saw it too! I still was having doubts so we quickly decided to go buy more tests. We put our steaks back into the fridge and drove off to Target where we purchased digital tests that say "Yes" or "No" that way I wouldn't have any doubts once the test was taken.

When we got home we were stopped by our neighbors asking if they could come over to spend the evening with us (they have a 5 month old baby and were looking for adult conversations) so they came over while we grilled our steaks and ate dinner. By about midnight I was exhausted and all I could think about was going to bed. So we bid our friends goodnight and I went upstairs. My husband asked if I wanted to take another test now or wait until the morning, but the suspense was killing me, so I peed on a stick for the second time that day.  This was the longest wait ever. My husband was 100% positive we were pregnant, so he decided that I shouldn't stare at the test, but he would look first and tell me. Finally after 5 minutes he turned around to look at it. He looked sadly at me and said "No" in a pouty voice. I didn't believe him and I tried pushing him away from me but he wouldn't let me past. Then he kissed me and said "we're having a baby!" I ran to the test and sure enough, it said yes. Cue the waterworks! In fact, my husband started crying first and I was completely shocked at how emotional he was. He's wanted to be a father for a long time, so this was a huge moment in his life. I am so excited to be a mommy and I can't wait to meet our baby in March!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cayo Hueso - Bone Island

[I wrote this blog back in February and I apparently forgot to post it!  OOPS!] :-D

We heard many ghost stories while we were in Key West a couple of weekends ago - one was how Key West came to be called Key West.  It is quite an interesting story.  If you want to read about it you can check it out here

We had a great time in Key West with Drew's parents. It is always a great getting to spend time with them - they love doing the touristy and sight seeing type tours...well Drew's dad does and since I do too we always trump Drew and his mom who are usually just along for the ride.  That would explain how we were able to make it to the Butterfly Museum! We saw pretty much everything you could think of while in Key West. We went to the Wreckers Museum to see how they handled ship wrecks back in the day, we stopped at the southern most point to have our picture taken, walked by Hemingway's House while Drew held his nose to avoid inhaling cat dander (the house is populated with a ton of cats), and we checked out Robert the Doll...a blog for another time. 

The highlight (if you want to call it that) happened while walking down Duval Street.  Duval is to Key West what Bourbon Street is to New Orleans. Tons of bars (we had drinks at quite a few of them), a bunch of gay bars (they loved their cross dressing shows down there!), and plenty of shopping. While we were walking down Duval Street window shopping a motorcycle roared down the street - a man was driving while a girl in knee high socks, a short plaid skirt and white button up shirt road on back. The girl on back was straddling the guy with her legs wide open and my first reaction was "Oh my goodness. Doesn't that girl have any self respect?! She is riding on the back of a bike, in a skirt with all her goodies hanging out!" Drew simply responded saying she could do whatever she wanted and I shouldn't judge.  Not even 2 minutes later the motorcycle came back down the street and stopped in front of a bar. Drew said to me "Umm Pamela...your girl in the skirt just got off the bike. You should look at her."  As I turned my head Drew says "It's a dude!"  Sure enough I was judging a transvestite in a short skirt.  And you know what, I still stand by what I or woman I don't want to see either of their hoohahs! It was an interesting trip to say the least!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Tell me again why I agreed to do this?

Oh that's right.  Because Andrew told me it would be fun. 

According to the dictionary fun means (well apparently it has like 4 meanings): 1: what provides amusement or enjoyment; specifically : playful often boisterous action or speech 2: a mood for finding or making amusement 3 a : amusement, enjoyment fun out of life b : derisive jest :sport, ridicule 4 : violent or excited activity or argument 

What type of fun am I talking about?  Why that would be scuba diving of course. And for this blog I'm going to label fun and scuba diving as #4 - violent or excited activity or argument. 
While it is very difficult to argue with someone underwater with a regulator in your mouth I sure as hell did my best to scream at lot at Andrew while we dove. This was our first diving trip where we were allowed to dive without a teacher - a dive master - a dive instructor - a dive guide.  Whatever you want to call them - I wish we had one. As soon as we jumped into the water on our VERY FIRST dive, a shark swam past us.  Yes, that is right - the first marine life I see as my head sinks underwater is a shark. Luckily for me I didn't panic! Or maybe lucky for me that I wasn't weighted properly so I only sank about 2 inches before my buoyancy popped me back to the surface. No way that shark was going to get me! But I unwisely went over to add more weight to my BCD and slowly...cautiously, I prepared to sink. As I let the air out of my BCD my head flew back and forth underwater looking for the shark but it had decided to continue on it's merry way. After achieving neutral buoyancy we swam through the clear waters of the Keys. Fish swam around the coral as we explored the reef. Neither of us appeared to have a sense of direction so we just randomly swam around in circles...even though Andrew had a compass...which we never actually looked at to get our bearings. But even without knowing where we were going, we still somehow managed to run into an octopus.  Did I tell you that was my greatest fear about scuba diving?  Not sharks - no it was being eaten by a giant octopus. Everyone said I was being irrational and that I probably would never see an octopus - well HA, I can say I told you so. Of course, we didn't notice the octopus until Andrew literally swam right into it. It blinked at us a few times and we scurried away. 
Everyone told us our first dive was a good dive since we saw so much. No one else saw a shark or an octopus so we were the best divers ever. Well that is probably an over statement but apparently we had the best dive. On our second dive -that is where the argument under water came in.  I let Andrew lead the way. And he lead me right into 4 ft shallow water and he continued to swim shallower and shallower until our knees were within inches of coral. I screamed at him...threw a tantrum under water when he couldn't see me and finally grabbed a hold of his fin to stop him. Then I gave him some nasty gestures under water, while still screaming at him through my regulator and convinced him it was time to turn around and go back to the boat. The boat by the way was over 100 yards away. We swam against the rough waters trying to get back before Andrew ran out of air and before our 1 hour time limit was up. I thought I was going to die. Moral of this story - I need to hit the gym. 
Andrew loved every minute of the dive - he chased the fish and swam to the bottom of the ocean. I preferred to stay a few feet off the ocean floor and just get used to my surroundings. Next time we dive I am going to demand we dive with a group or a dive guide so we can at least have someone that knows where they are going and someone that knows how to beat up a shark and octopus, just in case.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A quiet start to the year

It's been a while since I've updated. Not much has been going on lately which is probably why. Last weekend I traveled to Orlando for a Girl's Weekend with my mom and cousin. We spent the weekend visiting the two Universal Parks.  It was really nice spending so much time with my mom even if things didn't go as perfect as we would have liked.

The Good - spending time with my  mom
The Bad - saying goodbye to my mom in the airport - it is amazing, I am almost 27 years old and married but I still miss my parents terribly. As we were saying goodbye my mom started tearing up and I told her to stop before she made me start! I love how close I am to my mom, she really is my best friend and I tell her everything.
The Good - it was 75 degrees when we landed in Orlando on Thursday.
The Bad - it started raining as soon as we got to the park on Friday.
The Good - even though it was raining it was still warm so we weren't cold AND wet.
The Bad - Wet Chucks give some serious blisters on ones feet.
The Good - I found the only wandering medic in the park and got free band aids.
The Bad - Toes wrapped in band aids then shoved into shoes does not feel very good.
The Good - Seeing my mom and cousins faces as they took in each aspect of the park. See picture below for evidence of said excitement.
This was Debra's first experience with Honeydukes sweet shop and lets just say she was very overwhelmed with everything.

There are many other good and bad moments but overall the good outweighed the bad. I cherish the moments I get to spend with my family. I think an annual or semi-annual trip with my mom is in order!  Here are a few more pictures of our trip.
This is the emptiest I think you'll ever see Harry Potter World on any given day!

Next month we are heading to Key West for Valentine's Day with Drew's parents. That should be a lot of fun - we will be able to get another dive in before the cruise.  Ahh the cruise - we have a month and like 12 days before our cruise. I seriously need to get more hardcore into the gym. I'm very excited for the next three months. Key West, 27th Birthday, Cruise, and our 1 year anniversary. How exciting! So far things have been quiet but I will have plenty to post over the next few months.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, New Opportunities!

It's a new year. 2010 was a crazy, fun, emotional, hard, exciting, new, and sad time for myself and my family. A quick recap:
- Spent New Years in Orlando with thousands of other people - will never do that again. 
- Andrew and I tied the knot!
- We decided to sell our house (or talked about it)
- I made it to Harry Potter World. 
- My aunt and uncle passed away within 2 months of each other. 
- My grandfather passed away. 
- Our offices moved from Newington to Herndon - while we still live in Dumfries! BLAH
- My best friend had her first baby. 
- I made it to Harry Potter World again. 
- Andrew and I got scuba certified.
- We brought in the new year with close friends at our house playing board games and drinking wine. It was one of the best New Years I've ever had. 

2011 is looking to bring some exciting times for us as well. In about 14 days I will be heading to Orlando for  Girls Only trip with my cousin and my mom. I'm really excited to spend the weekend with my mom and enjoy Harry Potter World just one more time. In March we are headed on a week long Caribbean Cruise with the Moore family and my best friend is tagging along!  In April Andrew and I will celebrate our one year anniversary. I am thinking we may go back to the Homestead - this is where he proposed. He can golf and I can be pampered at the spa during the day, then fine dining at night. We are planning to try starting for a family at some point next year and look forward to adding a new addition one day. Andrew also turns the big 3-0 in November so I'll need to plan something special for that. 

After driving to and from work the last few weeks we decided we are going to definitely put the house on the market this year. Two nights ago Andrew ripped up all the flooring in the kitchen and his dad is coming over Saturday to lay down the new tile.  Andrew put the squares down in the laundry room and I LOVE the tile we picked.  It looks awesome and so much better than the ugly green that is down now. I can't believe we waited so long to do this. While Andrew and his dad do the flooring I'll be steam cleaning all of the carpets upstairs and doing some cleaning. I've been looking at houses and found one that I loved in Sterling but it is pointless to look until we sell what we have. So that is our goal. Wish us luck!