Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm an aunt!

Well okay - I'm not an aunt by blood but one of my best friends just had her baby and I am so excited! And naturally, I'll be there to watch the baby growing up so he will call me Aunt Pamela his whole life anyway since we are practically family as it is! 

My friend that I threw the baby shower for back in October gave birth to a healthy 8 lb, 14 ounce baby boy on Monday, December 13th. After a bit of a stressful labor Elijah French joined us and he is simply adorable.  He has sprinkling of light blonde hair across his tiny little head and he looks just like his daddy. We went to visit him in the hospital and to check in on the mommy about 16 hours after he was born.  He is the youngest little baby I have ever held but he just fit right into my arms.  Drew was very excited to meet him and I think he'll be spending more time over at their house when I go visit just so he can see the baby!  We also offered our babysitting services when mommy and daddy finally need a date night. :-D 

This past weekend was my mom's birthday. Her birthday is one day before Elijah's.  We were hoping the baby would come on Sunday but he waited 3 hours too long!  My parents and brother came up for the weekend and we went shopping, to see the National Tree in DC, and out to dinner at Sakura.  It was a really great weekend and I know my mom had a good time. 

I booked my ticket to Orlando in January.  My cousin is having a pretty rough time (she lost both parents in 2 months as I previously blogged about) so my mom and I are going with her for a 4 day girls only trip to Orlando.  Neither my mom nor my cousin have been to Harry Potter World so we are doing the Harry Potter package where we get to go in an hour early, eat breakfast at the 3 Broomsticks and get two day park admission. I haven't done this type of package yet so I'm pretty stoked.

It is almost Christmas time - 9 more days. Andrew and I are almost finished with all of our Christmas shopping. I am going on Friday after work to finish up Andrew's presents and then I will be all done.  Saturday is our work Christmas party in DC so that should be fun.  We all get to dress up in pretty dresses and enjoy a relaxing night with an open bar! On Monday our offices move to their new location in Herndon.  We've spent the last 2 weeks here at work packing everything up. I'm happy to say I only have 4 boxes of "crap" to take with me to the new place.  They didn't tell us where we are sitting so it will kind of be like the first day of kindergarten when we all show up and look for our desks.  I'm excited for a new building but not so much the commute! Hopefully we will finally make a decision on if we want to move or not. 

Here are some pictures of baby Elijah. He is simply precious! Can't wait until it's our turn (give us a least a year though haha!). 
And here are a couple pictures of my mom's birthday.