Monday, November 22, 2010

We got a new car!

Last Wednesday Andrew and I purchased a new car! We started looking about 3-4 months ago - we both knew we wanted an SUV and that we were going to trade in Andrew's RX8 to get it.  The big question was which one do we want? We decided on an SUV because we knew we had to get rid of Drew's car since it was causing us so many problems so why waste 2-3 years on a car that isn't family friendly?  We wanted a car we could grow into, especially with the thought of kids on the horizon. We test drove about 6 different SUVs, from the Acura to the Mazda to the Infiniti to the Ford to the Audi. After all of this test driving we had narrowed it down to two cars. The Infiniti FX35 and the Audi Q5. I liked the Audi and Drew really liked the Infiniti but he also liked the Audi, just not as much. I personally didn't like the look or feel of the Infiniti but I gave it a try. 

Last Monday we went and test drove the Infiniti again. On Wednesday we drove the Audi. After a bunch of negotiating and forcing them to their bottom dollar, Audi offered us an amazing price that we couldn't pass up and one we knew Infiniti couldn't match.  So we signed the papers, traded in Drew's car and waited for our brand new Audi to arrive. 

Friday night we got the call that said our car came in and we could pick it up on Saturday. When we arrived to pick it up it only had 6 miles on it! Not bad for coming all the way from Germany eh? ;-) I have to say - I love our new car!! Below are some pictures that I took on my phone the day we picked it up!

Only 6 miles on the car!
The color is called Meteor Gray.
That is one sexy looking SUV!
 The Audi symbol. 
Navigation and Sirus Radio
The center console. This lights up all red at night!

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  1. Have so much fun with it! The only problem we have found with the bmw is finding parts and getting it repaired is kinda a pain, but hopefully you live in a bigger city and won't have any problems!

    XoXo Nicole Mariana