Friday, October 8, 2010

Life is good...

Life is good right now. 
Andrew and I are coming up on our 6 month anniversary. I can't believe it has been six months already. My preggo friend is 2 months away from having her first child! It's a boy and she's decided to name it Elijah French. Adorable if you ask me. I don't know any Elijah's so he will be the first one I've met in 26+ years of life. I'm looking forward to meeting him and seeing how JC and her husband take to parenthood. It should be interesting to hear how much their lives change and the funny poop stories that I'm sure are to come. 
I am hosting her baby shower tomorrow - the theme has been kept a surprise and that is why I haven't posted any photos of the progress.  I'm very happy with how things are turning out and I especially love the theme I choose. My neighbor is due at the end of January with a baby girl they are naming Corynn.  The middle name isn't decided but they are leaning towards Olivia. I'm hoping she will want me to throw her baby shower after coming to tomorrow's! I have the perfect theme for a baby girl!
I'm very happy with the point I am at in my life. I can't believe I'm closing in on 27 years old.  Andrew and I have developed our time line for the next 15 months and I'm hoping everything works out. ;-) That is all I'm going to say about that. 
I have a pretty great set of friends in my life and have been able to get rid of those that are no good. Pretty amazing to see how much people change over the years but the important friends are always going to be in my life, no matter what anyone tries to say to them and for that I'm very appreciative. 
I've got a great set of work buddies that I really enjoy spending time with. Lauren and Brody are just too cute.  Brody is Lauren's 6 month baby boy and he's the cutest thing ever.  When we plan Girl's Nights Brody is usually involved because we all love him. I hope my kid is as cute as he is! Work in general is work. Our offices move Dec 17th so Andrew and I have to make a decision quick on what we plan to do with the house. We are still planning to move but who knows if it will be before the office move date. All I know is I'm ready to kill the commute! We looked at moving to Charleston, SC a bit earlier than our original plans but the job market is really slow down there, especially for the jobs we are looking for.  Marketing management and education management aren't big time jobs down there - and the ones available aren't right for us. So we'll continue on with our normal plans and if the opportunity presents itself we'll make the jump to get out of here.  The only good things about VA is my family lives here so it is easy to take a weekend trip to visit them.  Oh and my best friend is here - finally back from Spain and I love having her so close!
That's about it for the update on life. I find it sad but I miss Orlando - and I really want to go back to Harry Potter World. It was so awesome. Andrew and I tried making our own butterbeer.  We haven't quite gotten it down but we are close! Unfortunately I think I have about 4 years before we'll be in Orlando again.  We both are planning to take a trip back when our first kid is about 3 years old - we'll be bringing grandma and grandpa with us then of course! :-D
That's all for now! I'll post pictures from the baby shower after its over tomorrow!

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  1. babies, babies, babies --- no hiding that's what is on your mind! :P Thanks for all the cute brody comments! he loves you too!