Monday, August 16, 2010

Rockin the new shoes...

I wore my fabulous new shoes that I blogged about here for the first time last week.  My biggest reason for taking so long to wear them was I needed an outfit to wear with them.  A couple weekends ago the best friend and I hit up the mall in search of the perfect outfit.  I left with a new dress and a new top to wear with my gray pencil skirt.  I decided last Thursday to wear the dress with the shoes and this week I will pair it with the skirt and top combo. Both look amazing!  I took pictures of myself - but I took them while at work, so I did not have access to a full length mirror - thus 4 different pictures to outline the look. But I think you can get the picture! Check me out!

Head shot/top of dress picture in the bathroom...I was having a good hair day. haha
Fuller view of the dress.  It is very Audrey Hepburnish - boat neck and hits right above the knee.
The new shoes with the new outfit.
The shoes on my pretty feet!

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  1. lol. i love that you took the pics in the bathroom. anyone walk in during the photo shoot?!