Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A lovely weekend to visit the fair!

This past weekend we ventured out to the Prince William County Fair.  Andrew and I went to the Fair together when we first started dating over 3 years ago and we hadn't been since. This year we gathered our Larkspur crew and headed out to see the goats, rides, and motocross show. The motocross show was an extra $2 but it was worth it - they entertained the crowd very well! We saw some adorable baby lambs and goats and one guy was selling puppies that would get up to 100lbs!  Andrew said I couldn't have a new puppy because it probably wouldn't be so cute when it was 100 lbs and chasing my 6 lb Maltese dogs around. I guess he had a good point. Then we watched the pig races - baby pigs running around a small track - so cute! I decided I wanted a pig to name Philbert.  Again, Andrew shot me down!

Below are some pics I took at the Fair using my spiffy new camera. I'll need to upload the pics from my other camera as well as video from the motocross show later!  Enjoy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rockin the new shoes...

I wore my fabulous new shoes that I blogged about here for the first time last week.  My biggest reason for taking so long to wear them was I needed an outfit to wear with them.  A couple weekends ago the best friend and I hit up the mall in search of the perfect outfit.  I left with a new dress and a new top to wear with my gray pencil skirt.  I decided last Thursday to wear the dress with the shoes and this week I will pair it with the skirt and top combo. Both look amazing!  I took pictures of myself - but I took them while at work, so I did not have access to a full length mirror - thus 4 different pictures to outline the look. But I think you can get the picture! Check me out!

Head shot/top of dress picture in the bathroom...I was having a good hair day. haha
Fuller view of the dress.  It is very Audrey Hepburnish - boat neck and hits right above the knee.
The new shoes with the new outfit.
The shoes on my pretty feet!