Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was pretty awesome. My Friday was uneventful and quiet - I left work around 5:20 and headed to Michael's to kill some time before Andrew got off work.  From there I decided I wanted to eat chicken casserole for dinner that night. Andrew was thrilled because I rarely make it (it takes so long!) and it is one of his favorite dishes (recipe to come later!). So we swung by Safeway, grabbed a few essentials then headed home.  After dinner we cuddled up in bed watching tv shows until we both passed out. 

Saturday I went shopping with my favorite neighbor. She is two months pregnant so she had a punch list of things she wanted to find while we were at the mall. They included:
1. A new, bigger bra with full coverage
2. Flats - all she owned were heels and boots - when you're pregnant and your feet swell those heels are no longer attractive to ya!
3. Jeans - which she didn't actually realize she wanted. But when she walked out of the house wearing black yoga pants claiming she had nothing to wear because she was so fat, I dragged her into Motherhood Maternity wear and helped her select her first pair of maternity jeans. Her reaction "I'm never going back to button jeans again! These are awesome!" 

After finding jeans shopping was much easier for her. We went into Body Central and we both found about 20 things to try on.  Candice broke the dressing room because she took too many clothes in and the bar couldn't handle the weight! We both made out with some cute purchases.  After a quick pit stop for lunch and a pee break (pregnant lady had to go!), we hit up a couple of different shoe stores.  Some how Candice needing "a new pair of flats" turned into Candice buying FIVE new pairs of flats.  But they were all super cute. Our last stop was Charlotte Russe which was having a buy one get one free sale! I must say, I went a little crazy! I got about 10 new tops and 2 new pairs of super cute flats. I wore my new flats to work today and they are super adorable. The best part was I came in $60 under the budget Andrew set for me. :-)  Which I proceeded to spend the next day.
Sunday was pretty relaxing.  Slept in and then got up and headed to Joanns with Candice.  She is a very talented painter and seamstress and she makes her own jewelry. I asked her to teach me the ropes and she kindly agreed.  We spent about an hour in Joanns planning out jewelry ideas and picking out new pendants and beads. I have enough to make three new necklaces, hopefully they turn out well! I'll post pictures of the results!

Candice told me while we were shopping that she showed her husband her stomach and said "I'm already starting to show!" And he asked if women show at only 2 months.  She insisted that they did and to read the book about pregnancy.  His findings? That women can show at 2 months but it is usually the result of bloating or overeating.  She wasn't happy about that.  But she then happily modeled her new jeans and said "at least this secrecy panel hides it well!" haha

Afterwards I hit up the grocery store (trying to be domestic) and spent the rest of the afternoon/evening with the dogs and hubby. I made a new Weight Watchers meal for nachos last night. It was really good. I'll post that recipe with the chicken casserole recipe next so stay tuned!

All in all, a great weekend.  It wasn't too hot and I got to have some much needed girl time.  Next weekend I'm visiting my parents whom I haven't seen since the wedding! It's been 3 whole months! So I plan to remedy that with some mom and dad time. :-)  Have a great week!

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