Friday, July 30, 2010

Just Chugging Along

This week has been fairly quiet, at work and with the home life. It's strange having no major plans over the summer - in previous years my summer weekends were booked full with things to do. Now I'm really enjoying the downtime.  It has given us a lot of time to get our house prepped and I must say, it's looking better every day! I love the new ceiling fans we installed in the sunroom and master bedroom.  I can't believe we waited OVER TWO years to finally install them. But they are amazing. I worked on the front of the house last weekend, painting the garage door, front porch railing and light pole and I must say, the new coat of paint really spruced up the look of the house. This weekend will be devoted to the kitchen. We finally will have decent weather over the weekend so Drew will hit the links and play a round of golf and Sunday we'll work on tiling the floor and possibly installing new counter tops. 

I've been spending a lot of my weekday nights with the neighbor crafting new jewelry pieces.  Drew gave me the "I think jewelry making is your new favorite hobby over scrapbooking" speech last night and I told him it wasn't so. I'm a social hobby person - I enjoy working with other people and I tend to get a lot done with I am with other enthusiasts. I don't bead by myself and I rarely scrapbook solo. Since Candice lives right next door, it is easier for me to walk over to her house after work and stay from 7-10 than it is for me to drive to JC's house to scrapbook on weeknights.  I am planning to remedy my lack of scrapbooking this weekend though with a visit to JC - I am sure I'll get quite a bit done and maybe even finish my engagement book! I showed Candice my Europe scrapbook and she decided she wanted to get into scrapbooking as well, especially since they have a baby on the way.  She thinks making a scrapbook would be a great baby book. 

I will now leave you with a few photos of my most recent jewelry pieces. The pictures don't do the necklaces justice - especially with the white background. If you click on each photo it will enlarge it so you can better see the details! Hope you like!

Piece One:
Piece Two:

 Piece 3:

Piece 4:

Piece 5:

I have 5 new pieces but I still need to photograph those. I started my own Etsy shop - once I get all my ducks in a row I plan to post all of these on the site and see if anyone is interested in purchasing any. I think I'm getting better with each piece! What do you think??

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