Monday, July 19, 2010

I think I have a new addiction...

Previously I blogged about my love for scrapbooking but I believe I found a new crafting hobby that I have become addicted to as well. Making my own jewelry. My last blogged touched on my first attempt at making my own jewelry and I was quite proud of the results. Last week I continued to work on my necklaces and thought I'd post some pictures of my most finished pieces. Some of these were made by Candice and some by me. I'll give credit to each necklace. So here they are:

Candice made this using ribbon and a needle, threading each bead through wire and ribbon.  It was very tedious!
She then added a black rose and a pink heart crystal to give it an added punch. 
Candice made this necklace - it is based off of an idea I found online. The design idea came from a Chanel necklace.
 I made this necklace using a beading technique. It took a long time to string each of these tiny, tiny beads!
A close up of the main center piece. 
I made this necklace using tiny birds, beads and a center piece of a nest with robin's eggs.
This was a necklace made by Candice. Love the neutral colors. 
I made this necklace and centered it around the pink crystals in the centerpiece. 
Close up of the centerpiece. 
Candice made this necklace.
I made this necklace using purple and silver beads. 
This is my favorite necklace that I've made so far. 

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