Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars...

Last night I went with some girlfriends to see Eclipse. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with the movies like I am with the Harry Potter series, but I genuinely love the books. While the greatness of the books and its story lines don't translate onto the big screen as well as Harry Potter does, I still have a shameful desire to watch them. I own both Twilight and New Moon on Blu Ray dvd...with Twilight I refused to go see it in theaters.  When it originally came out everyone was comparing it to the greatness of Harry Potter and I loyally stuck by my Hogwarts crew and refused to see the movie. I had no idea that the movie was based on a book nor did I care. 

I guess it was sometime last year when I borrowed the entire series from my future sister in law in law (I'm not sure what you call your brother in law's wife, so I'll just give her the extra in law and call it quits). I read all four books in a weekend. I was engrossed in the story line and dare I say it, but I even dreamed about Edward and living life as a vampire. Of course - these books are total dreamworld. No guy out there is that perfect, that doting or so selfless.  Call me a cynic but I just don't believe it. Maybe that is why it is so popular - it is that fantasy land that every girl and woman dreams of...their ideal man.  Either way, I loved the books so I broke down and watched Twilight on DVD. I hated it. Horrible acting - I thought Kristen Stewart made an awful Bella even in all her natural awkwardness and Robert Pattinson didn't even COME CLOSE to the sexy, eye candy I pictured Edward to be. They hit the nail on the head with Jessica's character and Alice Cullen but the rest fell short. I know that movies take liberties with the plot of books and do what they can to make it fit into a two hour movie, but I just didn't agree with how it was acted out. Edward never spoke that harshly to Bella - the scene on the field trip where he bites her head off and tells her to watch where she is going.  Granted, there was never a field trip either but I just couldn't see Edward reacting so harshly. Eventually I got over it and just came to terms with the fact that all of these movies were going to be so horrible that eventually I would love them. 

Like a moron, I insisted on seeing New Moon on opening night - battling the hormone infested pre-teens and their mothers that got to the theater 3 hours in advance. I braved the wait and the rush for seats when the doors opened with two other ladies that wanted to see the movie, all three of us questioning our sanity. I enjoyed the movie...well as much as I could over telling the stupid tweens around me to shut up and stop screaming.  I think I even told a few of them to get laid so they could get their hormones under wraps. Needless to say, I bought (ahem pre-ordered) the movie when it came out this past March. Like a smart woman, a woman that learns from her mistakes, I decided to wait until after opening weekend to go see Eclipse when it came out at the end of June. BEST. DECISION. EVER. PERIOD.  There were no teeny boppers in our 7pm Tuesday evening show. In fact, it was the 40 year old lady in front of us with her husband that was swooning over a shirtless Jacob and then apologizing her husband for her "OH YEAH! and fist pump outburst in the theater. I enjoyed the movie a lot more than I enjoyed New Moon. The acting has improved and they stuck to the storyline relatively well. I still do not like Kristen Stewart as Bella and she did not portray Bella's anxiety over marriage they way the book did, but all in all, I rate it a 3.5 out of 5. I won't see it again in theaters - not like I've seen every Harry Potter movie 2-3 times in theater, as it was the only way to hold me over until the dvd release. But I will pre-order it to have it on my doorstep when it becomes available for purchase. 

Oh and on another side note - I read on the internet that the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer would play before the movie and it didn't. I was hugely disappointed. Lucky for me, part 1 comes out in November and I'll be in Harry Potter world in about 2 months. So I think I'll survive missing the trailer. :-D

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