Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some might call it an obsession...

But I call it a hobby.  What hobby are you talking about?  Why scrapbooking of course! 

This weekend was the Great American Scrapbook Convention.  The convention comes to Chantilly every year in the month of June.  I've gone every year since I was a Junior in college and it is something I look forward to every year. I went this year with my best friends Becca and JC and we had a great time. Last week I told Drew what my plans for the weekend were and asked him if we could stop at the ATM so I could get some cash out.  I told him the cash would be my budget and I would only spend that amount at the convention and I promised not to use my card. I laughed at his shock when I told him how much I wanted to bring - "you're going to spend THAT much money on scrapbook crap?!" I believe was his exact statement. I assured him that it was neccessary for me to bring that amount and if he actually came to a convention he would understand. He shrugged, withdrew the cash and I was all set.  

For first timers the convention can be quite overwhelming at first.  This was Becca's first trip and her reaction was "Oh my God." Row after row of scrapbook and stamping vendors all beckoning us with their beautiful supplies - paper, stamps, stickers, and tools everywhere. And then there was the dollar scrapbooking vendor that sold EVERYTHING for a dollar - we were in heaven. It took us about 3 hours to get through the whole convention and we all spent quite a bit of money but we were very happy with our purchases.  It was about 2 pm when we left.  JC and I headed back to the Scrapbook store where we settled in for 10 hours of scrapping and Becca headed home on her motorcycle.  Well, we thought she had.  We got a call about an hour after being at the crop from Becca saying her bike wouldn't start. We quickly jumped in the car and rushed to help her. About an hour later we managed to get her bike started and she headed home for sure this time.  We went back to the store and continued our all night scrap-a-thon.  I tell you what, the place was PACKED! I am very happy to report that scrapbooking is still a huge hobby.  Between the thousands of people at the convention and the 30 women scrapping with us at the store, it is safe to say that scrapping is not a dead hobby. JC and I accomplished a lot - I finished my Girl's Weekend book and finished about 90% of my engagement book. JC finished over 10 pages (which I think is a record for her! haha). Below are a few of my finished pages from my Girl's Weekend book.