Monday, April 5, 2010

It's almost here...

It's Monday - and that means I have to get through one more work week and then I'm off to Nags Head for wedding week at the beach! As I write this I am beginning to get more and more excited.  I can't believe time has gone by so quickly.  It's already April --my dad's birthday was Saturday and my friend Andy's birthday was Sunday --now that the birthdays are over, its time to concentrate on the wedding. 

Almost everything is ready and put together. On Friday Andrew and I headed over to his parents house after work for dinner and to work on our favors/seating charts. His dad helped me design and set up the little 3x4 cards that have "Thank you for sharing our special day with us. Love Andrew and Pamela" and then the person's name in bold beneath.  These cards sit in small frames that serve as our favors as well. It also lets each person know where to sit during dinner. There are only a few more things left to get together this week and then I can hopefully breathe easy for a few days. Yesterday I tried working on the programs that my bridesmaid JC helped me design. Unfortunately, I was using a computer that didn't have Photoshop and she sent me lower res jpeg files. Because of this, the sizing was off, the color was off and the programs were printing with faint lines through it. I tried everything - adjusted the nozzles, cleaned the nozzles, printed on slow speed, printed on fast speed, and nothing worked. I was started to get really frustrated. My bestest was spending the day with me and planned on helping me put the programs together once they were all printed but that didn't work out. All we ended up doing was watching 4 episodes of My Fair Wedding with David Tutera on WE, eating Chinese food and me almost throwing my printer out of the window. But I refrained from printer violence and tonight JC is coming over with her computer and the original files so we can get them printed. I hope to have all 70 programs printed, front and back, glued to the popsicle sticks with ribbon tied around them ready by Tuesday evening so I can pack them all up. We have quite a few boxes that we have to gather up and have ready to bring over to Andrew's mom's house. We are driving Andrew's RX8 to the beach so we have very little room in our car, so Andrew's mom gets to bring down all of our wedding items in her Jeep. I need to make a checklist of everything we need to bring so I don't forgot!

The last thing we have to put together, which we will do down at the beach, are the place cards.  These will be small green and pink organza bags filled with green and pink M&M's.  The M&M's have been customized to say Andrew and Pamela on one side and 4-17-10 on the other. The organza bags will have tags tied to them with each guest's name and their table number. They then walk to their table to find their name card frame. We are going to put these together down at the beach simply because we do not want the M&M's to melt. Currently we have them stored in the refrigerator - 5 lbs of M&M's taking up the entire salad drawer. :-D Once we put them all in baggies they will be harder to store, so I figure we can wait to do this down at the beach.  Once that is complete all we have left to do is get flowers for the tables and make my throw away bouquet. 

We leave Saturday afternoon to head down to Williamsburg for the night, then to Norfolk to pick up Andrew's cousin Dan, who is a groomsman and then we are off to the beach! I am really excited and hope this week flies by! Only 13 days until I'm officially married!

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