Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy little bumblebee I am!

Whew - man oh man. I just realized that my last week before wedding vacation is going to be a busy one!  Last night we printed out 70 programs, front and back, which was 140 sheets of paper.  Somehow, and I have no idea how we pulled this off, but we managed to print all of these out without needing to buy more ink cartridges! They came out awesome, no fading in color or anything. Tonight I have two wedding jobs to complete. The first is to cut down those 140 sheets of paper into the proper program sizes.  The second is to use my wonderful Cricut machine to cut out 210 circles. 35 green 2 inch circles, 35 pink 2 inch circles, and 140 cream 1.5 inch circles.  These we will put together on Wednesday along with the programs. The circles will become the name tags that are tied to the candy bags. The name tags will have each guest's name and their table number.  I'll take pictures of this process so everyone can see the final result! :-D

On Thursday we have to pull out all of our wedding boxes and pack them into our car since Drew's mom is bringing the wedding stuff down for us. On Friday we have to drop off the dogs and car at his mom's house and then we have a housewarming party to attend later that night.  We leave Saturday afternoon for Williamsburg. I made my check list last night and there are about 30 items on it that I have to remember to pack!! 

In between all of this mania, I need to find some time for a good nights sleep! I'm usually in bed by about 10 pm, but for the last two nights I stayed up watching season 4 of Supernatural. I had 8 episodes left to finish the season, so I watched three on Sunday night and two on Monday. And on top of that, I stayed up late to watch the Duke/Butler championship game. It was so nerve wracking but luckily Jon Scheyer and those Duke boys came out on top! I love Scheyer. ;-) So both nights I ended up staying awake past midnight. Tonight I have to find time to watch Lost and Thursday I have to make sure to sit down to watch Bones. So much to do, and so little time.  But at least things are moving quickly and I'll be a beautiful bride before I know it! :-D

My Favorite Player - Jon Scheyer

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