Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's official!

I am now a married woman!!!

Andrew and I got married on Saturday, April 17th.  I can't believe it's all over. It feels like it just flew by so fast.  We spent almost a full year planning our wedding and now it's over. The day just flew by in a blur...I remember sitting at the table watching the girls get their hair done at 11 am and my mom saying "we have to wait how long to get ready?" and my response was "we will get ready around 3 pm."  And boy did 3 pm come fast! 

We spent the week prior to the wedding down at the beach in Nags Head, NC. I was surprised how fast the week just flew by.  Before I knew it, it was Thursday and everyone was arriving for the wedding. I had a huge surprise at the beginning of the week - my mom called and told me my aunt and uncle that live in Louisiana, that I haven't seen in over 5 years, decided last minute they would be able to attend. Lucky for me, it wasn't hard to switch up the seating arrangements to fit them in. There were about 8 of us at the house all week and it was really nice.  The girls all cooked dinner each night and we all sat down together for dinner instead of going out to eat. We had some great times and conversations at that dinner table. 

On Thursday we had a big cookout for all of Drew's family that were in town from Illinois.  Late that evening Drew's sister, brother in law, and cousin arrived as well as two of my bridesmaids and their boyfriends. By Friday morning the entire wedding party was in town and ready for rehearsal. We were late to rehearsal of course. :-) The bridge coming through Hampton, Va was closed - for some reason MapQuest told everyone to take 664 instead of 64 straight through and they all got stuck at the bridge closing and had to be turned around.  And when I mean they, I mean our Pastor and his wife, the two people we couldn't do the rehearsal without!  Luckily they made it there in one piece and we were able to get everything taken care of. Later that night we had dinner at Pamlico Jacks, a cute little restaurant in Nags Head. We got some really cute pictures outside as the sun was setting. 
This one is my favorite from the evening!

After dinner we went back and put together my throw away bouquets and I went to bed pretty early. I didn't have to many issues falling asleep, but I was awakened around 1 am by some drunk guests down stairs. :-p But they finally went to bed and I was able to fall back asleep. The next morning everyone kept asking me how I was feeling and I felt fine. I'm not sure why, but I wasn't nervous or feeling sick to my stomach or anything like that. The hair ladies came and did everyone's hair, which came out beautifully.  Then she did my hair, which I loved!!!!! 
Surprisingly, I only had one, teeny, tiny meltdown. I went over to check on the bouquets and one of the hydrangea bunches in my bouquet had turned brown! I was really upset but I was holding it together. My cousin came to the rescue and used the flowers we purchased for the throw away bouquet and got rid of all the brown spots. While they were working on it, my mom asked me if I was okay, and of course, that was where I lost it. I quickly skipped to the bathroom to calm myself down and my cousin came in and helped me relax and assured me the flowers were okay. Of course, this upset my mom but we both calmed down and everything was okay. 
Before I knew it, the photographer was there to start taking pictures of the boys, then it was time for all of us girls to get dressed. From there we did our pictures and headed off to the limo. The people staying in the house next to us got us a bottle of champagne that we drank on the way to the wedding site. Then, FINALLY, it was time for the girls to get out of the limo and begin their walk down the aisle.  Then my father helped me out and escorted me down. Before we started to walk he turned to me and said "remember before I give you away you have to give me a kiss."  I still tear up just thinking about that. I love my daddy so much! I think he cried more than my mom. From what I've heard, it was a beautiful wedding. I teared up during the ceremony and was able to hold the tears in, which caused Drew to tear up a bit himself. We had a lot of tears going around us between all of the families and friends we had there. Afterward, seeing my brother with tears in his eyes caused me to tear up again! Oh the emotions a wedding can bring on! I'll update later with more pictures and details about the reception. Until then, I'll leave you with a few pictures taken by guests at the wedding. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy little bumblebee I am!

Whew - man oh man. I just realized that my last week before wedding vacation is going to be a busy one!  Last night we printed out 70 programs, front and back, which was 140 sheets of paper.  Somehow, and I have no idea how we pulled this off, but we managed to print all of these out without needing to buy more ink cartridges! They came out awesome, no fading in color or anything. Tonight I have two wedding jobs to complete. The first is to cut down those 140 sheets of paper into the proper program sizes.  The second is to use my wonderful Cricut machine to cut out 210 circles. 35 green 2 inch circles, 35 pink 2 inch circles, and 140 cream 1.5 inch circles.  These we will put together on Wednesday along with the programs. The circles will become the name tags that are tied to the candy bags. The name tags will have each guest's name and their table number.  I'll take pictures of this process so everyone can see the final result! :-D

On Thursday we have to pull out all of our wedding boxes and pack them into our car since Drew's mom is bringing the wedding stuff down for us. On Friday we have to drop off the dogs and car at his mom's house and then we have a housewarming party to attend later that night.  We leave Saturday afternoon for Williamsburg. I made my check list last night and there are about 30 items on it that I have to remember to pack!! 

In between all of this mania, I need to find some time for a good nights sleep! I'm usually in bed by about 10 pm, but for the last two nights I stayed up watching season 4 of Supernatural. I had 8 episodes left to finish the season, so I watched three on Sunday night and two on Monday. And on top of that, I stayed up late to watch the Duke/Butler championship game. It was so nerve wracking but luckily Jon Scheyer and those Duke boys came out on top! I love Scheyer. ;-) So both nights I ended up staying awake past midnight. Tonight I have to find time to watch Lost and Thursday I have to make sure to sit down to watch Bones. So much to do, and so little time.  But at least things are moving quickly and I'll be a beautiful bride before I know it! :-D

My Favorite Player - Jon Scheyer

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's almost here...

It's Monday - and that means I have to get through one more work week and then I'm off to Nags Head for wedding week at the beach! As I write this I am beginning to get more and more excited.  I can't believe time has gone by so quickly.  It's already April --my dad's birthday was Saturday and my friend Andy's birthday was Sunday --now that the birthdays are over, its time to concentrate on the wedding. 

Almost everything is ready and put together. On Friday Andrew and I headed over to his parents house after work for dinner and to work on our favors/seating charts. His dad helped me design and set up the little 3x4 cards that have "Thank you for sharing our special day with us. Love Andrew and Pamela" and then the person's name in bold beneath.  These cards sit in small frames that serve as our favors as well. It also lets each person know where to sit during dinner. There are only a few more things left to get together this week and then I can hopefully breathe easy for a few days. Yesterday I tried working on the programs that my bridesmaid JC helped me design. Unfortunately, I was using a computer that didn't have Photoshop and she sent me lower res jpeg files. Because of this, the sizing was off, the color was off and the programs were printing with faint lines through it. I tried everything - adjusted the nozzles, cleaned the nozzles, printed on slow speed, printed on fast speed, and nothing worked. I was started to get really frustrated. My bestest was spending the day with me and planned on helping me put the programs together once they were all printed but that didn't work out. All we ended up doing was watching 4 episodes of My Fair Wedding with David Tutera on WE, eating Chinese food and me almost throwing my printer out of the window. But I refrained from printer violence and tonight JC is coming over with her computer and the original files so we can get them printed. I hope to have all 70 programs printed, front and back, glued to the popsicle sticks with ribbon tied around them ready by Tuesday evening so I can pack them all up. We have quite a few boxes that we have to gather up and have ready to bring over to Andrew's mom's house. We are driving Andrew's RX8 to the beach so we have very little room in our car, so Andrew's mom gets to bring down all of our wedding items in her Jeep. I need to make a checklist of everything we need to bring so I don't forgot!

The last thing we have to put together, which we will do down at the beach, are the place cards.  These will be small green and pink organza bags filled with green and pink M&M's.  The M&M's have been customized to say Andrew and Pamela on one side and 4-17-10 on the other. The organza bags will have tags tied to them with each guest's name and their table number. They then walk to their table to find their name card frame. We are going to put these together down at the beach simply because we do not want the M&M's to melt. Currently we have them stored in the refrigerator - 5 lbs of M&M's taking up the entire salad drawer. :-D Once we put them all in baggies they will be harder to store, so I figure we can wait to do this down at the beach.  Once that is complete all we have left to do is get flowers for the tables and make my throw away bouquet. 

We leave Saturday afternoon to head down to Williamsburg for the night, then to Norfolk to pick up Andrew's cousin Dan, who is a groomsman and then we are off to the beach! I am really excited and hope this week flies by! Only 13 days until I'm officially married!