Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wishful Wednesdays

I found this link up through another blog I am following, so I thought it would be fun to play along. 

Today's link up is Wishful Wednesdays from The Seattle Smith's. 
The event that I wish I could have seen was the World Series playoff game 7 between the Red Sox and the Yankees in 2004. The Sox were down 0-3 and they came back on a 4 game win streak to make it to the World Series! And, of course went on to win it all!
I was born and raised to like the Red Sox. I took a step out of the family team for a couple years to become a Braves fan but as I've gotten older, I've gone back to my roots. My dad and brother are HUGE Red Sox fans so naturally we hate the Yankees! 

And all I have to say is they "reversed the curse!"


  1. I am so glad you stopped by to play!! I totally agree that that game would have been AMA-ZING to see!!!!