Thursday, March 4, 2010

Springing into March!

This month is going to be amazing. It started off quite rocky, but things are back on track and running smoothly.  I have a lot of big events coming up this month. This weekend is my bridal shower in Williamsburg.  We are having it at a tea salon called A Taste Tea. My bridesmaids rented out the room and we are having high tea, which includes lunch and desserts.  I have a super cute dress that I am wearing and I was quite surprised that the pink, slip on heels I purchased last weekend match perfectly! Below is a picture of my bridal shower dress and the adorable bridal shower invites that one of my bestest (and bridesmaids!) created for the shower! 

The Bridal Shower Invite designed and put together by JC. 
My beautiful bridal shower dress.

Next Tuesday is my 26th birthday (March 9th). After the previous birthdays that have happened over the last year, I've decided I don't want to do anything crazy or wild.  On Tuesday Andrew is taking me to dinner and Andy and JC will be joining us.  I am going to do my birthday dinner with my other half of The Duo the following Saturday. Then on Sunday I have my FINAL dress fitting to get final alterations for my dress. And the weekend after that is my Bachelorette party (March 20!!).  I am excited the most about this one.  We rented a limo and 9 of my girlfriends will be joining me in a night filled with dancing and fun. My dress is the cutest thing I've ever purchased. Check it out below! I'll post more pictures of all of these events as they happen, to keep everyone updated on how things progressed. :-)

This is the last month before it's wedding month and I'm actually quite happy that it is going to be a busy one. I think it will help keep me excited and less stressed out if I have things to look forward to. The whole "wedding" and "getting married" excitement or nervousness hasn't seeped in yet. I think mainly it's because Andrew and I have lived together in a house we purchased together 2 years ago.  In fact, 2 years ago tomorrow was the day we signed the papers to finalize the purchasing of our first home! I know a lot won't change, minus my last name and I'll go from Ms to Mrs. I think every couple should live together for a good amount of time before they get married. It's been great for both of us and we've learned that we can live together and still be happy being with each other.  

And I have to say, writing this has helped me get a bit more excited for this weekend!


  1. I love both your dresses!!! Especially the bachelorette party one!!

  2. I almost bought the first dress for myself yesterday. It's really pretty!

  3. Love your dresses and your shower invite is TOO cute!

    PS Just found your blog from Kelsey's; it's so cute :)