Thursday, March 25, 2010

Girl's Beach Weekend

So the bestest and I decided to make our girl's beach weekend every Memorial Day weekend a tradition. We started this last year with a trip to Nags Head with 5 girls and we had a great time. This year we are looking to try out the beaches up in New Jersey and we are bringing in some new people this year. JC, Becca and I all went last year and this year I invited my cousin to come as well. She lives in Delaware so the drive isn't that far for her. She mentioned that she and a friend wanted to start a similar tradition so we invited them in on ours!

Last year we stayed in Kill Devil Hills, NC which is a beach in the Outer Banks. Because I am getting married in the Outer Banks in April and we are staying for a week, I decided we would mix it up and try something different.  Originally I was looking into stay at Dewey Beach or somewhere similar but my cousin recommended Wildwood or Seaside Heights as the best places to go, especially for us to party and have a good time! I want a place where I can sit on their patio, drinking a strawberry daiquiri and look at the ocean, and at night shake my booty!

Andrew and the boys are starting a golfing tradition during this weekend. Last year Andrew and a friend of his went to 3 different golf courses throughout PA and he wants to do that again this year.  He has quite a few guy friends interested so this looks to be our Memorial Day tradition moving forward! He has his guy's golfing weekend and I have my girl's beach weekend! I'm super excited! I've sent in a ton of inquiries for condos up in that area and I'm trying to find the best place for us with the best price and where we can all sleep comfortably. We'll see what I can find! 

Here are some pics from last year's girls only beach trip!

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