Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Fabulous 26th birthday!

Thanks to my amazing friends! I was kind of bummed when I found out that Andrew wouldn't be here for my birthday this year.  He recently was promoted to the manager of his department, which means new job responsibilities. One of those was to attend a 3 day conference in Williamsburg. So he missed my birthday dinner last night.  But we celebrated early by going to dinner on Monday night.  We ate at a Brazilian restaurant called The Charbroil Grill.  It is a buffet type dinner, which included things like ribs, bourbon chicken, tomato and mozzarella salad, tomato and cucumber salad, roasted red potatoes, etc. For a couple more dollars you can add on the meat service, where they walk around to your table with different kinds of meats and cut off pieces for you. At one point we had chicken, pork, turkey, flank steak, prime rib and sausage on our plates. I felt like such a heffer! But it was soooo good! The bartender even hooked us up with free shots of dirty bong waters in honor of my birthday. :-) 

For my actual birthday - well the day was quite pleasant. I had lunch at Johnny's pizza with a couple of my girlfriends at work. I'll be having leftovers for lunch today...yum!  Then yesterday evening I met up with my best friend and other half of the duo, Becca and my other bestie JC for dinner at a Japanese steakhouse called Sakura.  They brought their man friends (husband and boyfriends) to dinner and we had a great time! I sat in the middle and we had some awesome conversations. JC got me this really cute purse from Fossil and Becca, oh Becca - she got me a pooping cow.  Now really she did.  See the pics below if you don't believe me!

Opening the pretty egg to see whats inside...
Why it's a pooping cow of course!
Push down on the cow and it poops out little jelly beans. She was so proud of herself for this one. haha
All of the ladies ordered drinks called Dancing Girls, which is a wine and fruit juice mix. Soooo good! We each got to take our glasses home. Becca didn't like her lobster class for some reason....
Me and the bestest - friends for over 10 years, we've celebrated many birthdays together!
 The chef at Sakura making the volcano of onions. 
JC being silly.
The birthday group. I honestly can't ask for a better group of friends to spend my birthday with. All that was missing was Andrew standing behind me in this photo. 

After dinner I headed to Joann's to pick up a few wedding day essentials then went home to watch LOST with the puppies. The pups don't like it when Andrew or I are not home, so they tend to bark at EVERYTHING. So they had to sleep in their play pen last night because Parker kept barking and waking me up! The 12:30 am bark and wake was the last straw and they had to sleep downstairs. All in all, I had a wonderful birthday. Tons and tons of thanks to my friends and work buddies for making it such a great day!

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