Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two things I love...

Around my seen on BacWoods Fern.

I love these little link-ups.  It gives me something to blog about that I probably would have never even thought about. And it means I get to take random pictures and have an excuse to do so. :-)

So, the two things I love around my home are:

My Shot Glass collection.  I started (slowly) collecting shot glasses back when I was in college.  I purchased my first shot glass when I was in the Bahamas.  Shot glasses are easily the best souviners from any place you go because almost everyone sells them!  Now when someone asks me what I want them to bring me back from a trip they are taking I simply say "shot glass!"  Everyone now knows to bring me back a shot glass. :-)

I don't know how many I have - but I have them from many states, countries, and Caribbean islands. 

These are from (from what I can read) New York, Nags head, Las Vegas, Nashville, Margaritaville, Florida, Tybee Island...oh so many!

The second thing I love around my house is:

My scrapbooking storage area.  I had to buy each of these cubes in pieces - one at a time with a 40% off coupon from Micheal's.  Every time I purchased a new piece I would hand the box to Andrew and he would quickly put it together for me.  You'll notice my PINK CRICUT EXPRESSION is right on top. I had to get that in there with my favorite things!

You would think this would make me more organized, but it doesn't. :-) I have a TON more scrapbooks I just didn't put them back on the shelves for this picture. 

Pretty awesome drawer space.

My beautiful pink Cricut. You can't see very well, but I have pictures scattered all over the top of this storage area. The large picture in the back is a scrapbook page I framed from when we took a family trip to Boston, MA.

Because this post is about "THINGS" I love and not persons or furry animals, I couldn't post pictures of Andrew and the pups...

Oh wait, yes I can. :-)  The 3 living beings I love the most!
Bailey - she REALLLLY didn't want to take a picture with her mommy.

Parker Barker!

My Love. <3

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