Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well shopping today was a huge success.  With the way things started I wasn't feeling very confident that we would attain our goals for the day.  What were our goals?

1. Find mom a mother-of-the-bride dress for the wedding.
2. Find a cute pair of hot pink heels for my bachlorette party dress.

Based on the results, I'd say we did more than meet our goals, we blew them out of the water!

We got up early this morning (at 8:20 on a Saturday, it was torture!) so we could have an early start.  My dad also wanted to hit up the breakfast buffet in Chesapeake to give us some good fuel for the day. 

After breakfast we headed out to Greenbriar mall in hopes of finding a dress for my mom. In Dillard's we came across our first potential.  After looking and trying on dresses in Macy's, JC Penny, and we realized we weren't going to find anything at the mall. We headed across the street to All the Rage but quickly discovered it was more of a prom shop, not a mom shop.  We tried to find Tiffanie's Formal wear next but that was out of business or at a new location. Dress Barn was another failure although my dad did convince my mom to purchase two new shirts.  After striking out at about 7 stores and spending over 5 hours shopping, we were feeling dejected.  We made plans to hit up David's Bridal on Sunday because we really thought we weren't going to find anything we wanted.  On a whim we decided to stop in our last store, Stein Mart (after dropping dad and my brother off at Best Buy). We walked in, headed straight to the woman's section and the first dress I saw was a pretty coral colored dress. I immediately looked for my mom's size and they had it! So I grabbed it off the rack along with a green dress and jacket set.  As soon as my mom put on the coral dress (actual color is salmon) I knew it was the winner.  The green dress was very pretty but they only had a size smaller than my mom's normal size and she thought it was a bit tight.  We finally had a winner!  
I love the overlapping layers in this dress. It is so flattering on my mom's figure. 

Close up of the layers and color. 

Achieving goal two was also a success.  While shopping in the mall we did pop into the shoe store Rack Room Shoes. After walking through the whole store I didn't see anything that particularly stood out to me. As I was getting ready to walk out the store I passed a pair of low heeled, pink strappy slide on heels.  They had my size, I tried them on, saw they were only $12 (on clearance from the original 30 dollar price tag) so I bought them!

My father found a pair of Puma tennis shoes that he liked but they didn't have his size, so he left empty handed.  When we went across the street my dad saw that there was another Rack Room Shoes in the strip mall.  He went in and found the shoes he wanted in his size and decided to buy them.  Rack Room was having a BOGO 1/2 off sale and my mom didn't see any shoes she wanted. I was eying a pair of brown boots but didn't want to spend another $30 on them, so my dad agreed to let me get them with his half off deal.  So I got the boots for about $15 (thanks dad!!). 
I've never had boots with such a tall heel so it is something I'll def need to get used to! Along with these boots I also stumbled across another pair of pink heels that I really liked. When the sales lady told me the $40 shoes were on sale for $15 I decided to buy them as well. 

I now have the difficult decision of deciding which shoes to wear for the bachlorette party! Maybe I'll bring both and mix them up as my feet begin to hurt. Just leave one pair in the limo as a back-up. :-)

All in all I'd say my Saturday shopping with my parents was not only a success but quite enjoyable as well. Tomorrow my mom and I are going to go look for my wedding shoes and veil.  Hopefully we'll be as successful tomorrow as we were today!

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