Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dream wedding and fabulous photos...

Not as easy to come by as you may think!
After we got engaged we knew we had a lot of work to do to kick off the planning of our wedding.  The first step was to find a venue in the month that we wanted.  We wanted to be engaged for about a year before we got married so we were looking for sometime in May of 2010.  We got engaged in April so we thought it would be perfect.  We both knew we didn't want a church wedding and we wanted it outside, possibly on the beach. Originally Andrew wanted to get married on the pier at Tybee Island in Georgia but I knew that would limit the amount of my family members that would be able to attend.  I wanted something closer to Virginia and we both agreed that Nags Head would be a perfect compromise.  We could get married on the beach at sunset and all would be right with the world.  Of course, nothing works out as planned. All of the places we looked were booked for the whole summer, over a year in advance!  I was so angry and stressed, I had no idea what I was going to do.  Then I stumbled across a place called Beach Ball Events.  On a whim, I gave them a call to see if they had anything open for a Saturday wedding.  Nothing was available for May-August, but lo and behold, someone canceled their wedding on April 17th and if we wanted it, it was ours.  We put the $2k deposit down about 10 minutes later. We are now getting married on a pier outside of Marshes Light, which is the lighthouse in Manteo, NC. 

The reception will be held at a restaurant within walking distance called Adrianna's on the Waterfront.  Both are beautiful!  Now I just pray for good weather!
After the wedding drama of where to get married and have the reception was settled, our next step was to find a photographer.  A photographer came with our wedding package but it was only for about 2 hours and to add extra hours the price was out of this world (we wanted at least 6 hours of coverage). So we removed it from our package and went on the hunt for an affordable photographer for the wedding.  After many emails and suggestions from friends, I found a lady named Connie Feng.  She is an up and coming photographer looking to specialize in weddings. She offered us a free engagement session if we booked her for our wedding.  So we gave her a shot. If we liked the engagement pics, then she was hired.  Lucky for us, the pictures came out AMAZING!  Below are some of our favorites. 



There are a ton more.  You can view more of them by checking out Connie's blog.  Andrew and I made her header graphic! We rock. :-) You can find her blog about our session in her archives under September.

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